XSOLEIL star Meloco Kyoran reveals why she joined NIJISANJI EN, not JP

Published: 2023-01-07T02:39:53

Updated: 2023-01-07T02:44:00

NIJISANJI EN’s Meloco Kyoran is a self-proclaimed longtime fan of the VTuber agency. The XSOLEIL star had to get in by any means necessary ⁠— so when she could no longer join the JP branch in her native language, she put her all into making EN.

NIJISANJI EN’s branch has a diverse background with its ever-growing membership. Not all are from the ‘Western world’, with a wide range of languages ​​and cultures represented under one roof.

One such member is Meloco Kyoran. The XSOLEIL star, who debuted just a month ago, is a native Japanese speaker. It would make sense for her to try to join the main Japanese branch of NIJISANJI, but it didn’t work out that way.

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She answered questions from fans on stream, when one asked why she debuted in the EN branch versus the JP branch, using her native language. There was a fairly simple explanation: there was no clear path for her.

“Why am I not in JP and debuting in EN instead? There are many more people who are curious about it compared to what I thought,” she mused, according to a translation. “Since my debut, my English skills are still lacking, and I am a streamer who has a strong desire for self-approval.

“Why this is the case is that my life has always been a battle royale and while I’m in the middle of it, NIJISANJI JP has open auditions. In the last two years or so, they’ve been like ‘we closed our normal audition format .”

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Although she didn’t address this directly, it potentially suggests that NIJISANJI relies on their internal Virtual Talent Academy (VTA) program to gain new Japanese members, rather than open auditions that they run for other branches.

VTA trains VTubers from the very beginning, starting with basic flows until they feel confident enough to progress into the full-fledged NIJISANJI ecosystem. The program is now starting to push new talent into the spotlight after its launch in June 2021.

Meloco just missed the boat and was in a bit of limbo, so she turned her sights on the newly debuted NIJISANJI EN, who were holding auditions around the same time.

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Meloco Kyoran from NIJISANJI AN XSOLEILYouTube: Meloco Kyoran

Meloco Kyoran finally entered NIJISANJI with XSOLEIL after a series of previous auditions, she revealed.

“Many things happened ⁠— NIJISANJI EN was born and there was an audition for the first generation,” she said. “I was a kid who had been watching NIJISANJI all this time, so I had to join so badly. I wanted to join.”

Meloco revealed that she initially auditioned for the first generation of NIJISANJI EN, but was turned away due to lack of experience, she claimed.

“I applied for the first generation audition. I have never spoken to anyone about this – not even my friends. I applied for it but didn’t get through.

“I was dropped…I think because I had no entertainment [or streaming] experience, and I was just a little girl [who was a fan] – what can a little girl like me do? Of course I didn’t get through, I was just a dreamy little girl.

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“I was a bit shocked after I didn’t get through and I couldn’t see any NIJISANJI EN for a while afterwards. Every now and then I saw clips, but yeah.

She then spent the following months working hard on her English skills to become more proficient and she finally came through for the seventh generation of NIJISANJI EN with XSOLEIL.

“I was surprised when I found out ⁠— I was like ‘am I accepted?’ I was really happy. After doing this and that, I made it NIJISANJI EN ⁠— that’s the story.”

Now thriving, many compliment Meloco on her ability to pick up English so quickly after just a few years, continuing her rapid ascent as the fastest growing VTuber on the wave.

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