Wordle Fan Design’s multiplayer version of the game

There are plenty of Wordle clones out there, but a new fan version brings a unique twist to the single-player game: competitive multiplayer.

It is now possible for Wordle players can pit their word-guessing skills against each other in competitive multiplayer, thanks to a fan-made version available to try out. The sheer simplicity of Wordle has made it easy for fans to add unique twists to the game, with this latest example allowing players to take on a more heated experience than one might expect from the usually cool puzzle game.

A lot of Wordleits charm comes down to its easy-to-grasp premise. For the uninitiated, players get six attempts to guess a five-letter word each day, and with each guess, the letters change to different colors depending on whether they’re correct or not, giving players clues to get them closer to the answer. After debuting in late 2021, the browser game exploded in popularity in early 2022, eventually leading to Wordle is bought by the New York Times. A contributing factor to this success is the ability for players to share spoiler-free results of their games online, adding a social aspect to the otherwise single-player experience.


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However, some fans may want a version of Wordle that allows them to engage more directly with others, and that’s what Reddit user alvisanovari’s multiplayer take on the game, known as Wordle Race, gives. Unlike other fan-made multiplayer Wordless, Wordle Race challenges two players to be the first to guess a word. The catch here is that both players can see each other’s guesses, meaning they can potentially use their opponents’ moves against them to figure out the answer first.

Players interested in giving Wordle Race a trial currently has the ability to invite their friends to a match, as well as create a public space if they’d rather meet a random stranger. In a break from the original Wordle, words reset after each game rather than on a daily basis, allowing players to go at it for multiple rounds in a single session. Veteran Wordle however, fans should know that there are some noticeable differences between these Wordleits glossary and that of the original, which Wordle Racethe answers include plural versions of four-letter words.

The popularity of Wordle the past year has given rise to all kinds Wordle clones for players to indulge in after completing the day’s puzzle. Beyond Wordle Racethere are games that have become hits in their own right, such as Quordle, which has players trying to guess four words at once, or Lewdlewhich is fair Wordle but with lewd words. Some clones even go beyond words and apply the guessing puzzle structure to visual puzzles themed around everything from video games to dogs, proving how versatile Wordle‘s deceptively simple gameplay can be.

Wordle is available in all browsers.

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