Word of the Day #588 Hint for Saturday, January 28 — clues and answer guide

Saturday is here again. Sweet, sweet weekend. Of course, the weekend has not always been the way it is today. For much of human history – at least relatively modern human history – there was only one day of rest. Serfs worked in the fields six days a week and then spent much of Sunday in church. As feudalism gave way to industrialism, factory workers did much the same. In many parts of the world, this is still the case.

Until 2002, Japan had a six-day school week, something many Japanese citizens support returning to. I think that’s pretty wild. I think that if anything, school and work weeks should be reduced to four days. I like to think we live in a somewhat civilized age. We can certainly tilt the balance more towards leisure, so that people can enjoy life more and not just work until it’s too late.

Then again, maybe I’m a lunatic or an optimist or something. You can call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Of course, one cannot solve Wordles with dreams. We have to solve them anyway. . . .

Today’s Wordle Guide

The hint: Perhaps the most exciting type of communication two people can engage in.

The Clue: There is only one vowel in this word.

The answer:




I finally got Wordle in 3 and didn’t lose to Wordle Bot! Unfortunately, getting the Wordle in 3 is worth exactly 0 points on my scoring scale, and I tied the Bot – also worth a giant zillch – so my total for today is nada. A big fat zero.

But it’s better than yesterday! Not only did I take 5 guesses (-2) I also lost to Wordle Bot (-1) for my worst score yet!

Today my first guess was pretty good. Steal bringing the total down to just 25 remaining solutions. Lotus knocked off 19 of them, leaving me with six. And I got lucky with my third guess, shaving off the remaining five and walking away with flirted for the victory.

You steal my heart reaches you flirted with me then. Let’s go to the white one Lotus and try not to die. Huzzah!

Have a nice weekend, my dear mayors!

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