Ever since the US government has allowed the cultivation of cannabis plants (on a small scale, though), many home growers have shifted their focus to plant cannabis. The reasons are unlimited that why one can be tempted to grow cannabis plants due to various compounds that it offers including THC, CBD, and CBG. But CBG has became popular very recently due to some groundbreaking evidences from researchers. As you plan to derive CBG from your cannabis plants, you’ll find various challenges along the way in which seed selection is a major one. We, at Colorado Breeders Depot, offer our expertise to help you in finding the right seed in shape of our CBG feminized hemp seeds. Come, let’s take a closer look that how selecting CBG feminized hemp seeds can benefit your home growing endeavors.


In a cannabis plant, there are various components that form it and CBG is one of the non-acidic part in formation of it. It can be regarded as the most famous component derived from a cannabis plant, after CBD, due to its various characteristics that prove helpful in deriving unlimited by-products for different industries. Though, there are various types of CBG seeds but majority of regular home growers opt for CBG feminized hemp seeds due to its rapid growth and abundance in CBG yield. Colorado Breeders Depot offers its wide range of CBG feminized seeds \o leverage your cultivation plans.


As you learn more about CBG seeds, your challenges are only going to increase if you don’t select the right seed for your indoor farm. Below are some key reasons that why you must select CBG feminized hemp seeds over other seed types when making a purchase.

  • The prime reasons for not going with regular CBG seeds is that you’ll not be able to control the growth of male plants in your home farm. And the presence of male plants can lead to pollination process in your female plants that prevents the growth of CBG seeds.
  • Another reason for recommending CBG feminized hemp seeds is that you’ll spend less time in taking care of your plants. This means that you’ll have to pick male plants out by hand if you go with regular seeds and this process can consume much of your time.
  • One of the nightmares of home growers is to deal with plants having hermaphrodite issue in presence of male plants. And when you only grow female plants, using CBG feminized hemp seeds, you’ll no longer need to deal with hermaphrodite problems.
  • In case of regular seeds, there’s a 50 percent chance that you grow male plants along with female plants. As male plants have no value for you if your intentions are to obtain CBG, you’ll have to get rid of half of the grown plants.
  • You can make purchases right from the comfort of your house/farms using an electronic device. And this makes your home growing endeavors easy and quick since you have access to quality CBG feminized hemp seeds via Colorado Breeders Depot.