Why is nature full of patterns? Find out in Issue 7 of CURIOUS – out now

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OUR COVER STORY: Why is nature full of patterns?

Patterns form all the time in nature, from molecules to our consciousness. Or do we only see what we want to see?

DEEP DIVE: Does DNA predict your destiny?

Are we slaves to our DNA, or does our environment have some influence? Enter epigenetics and your guide, Maddy Chapman.

WE HAVE QUESTIONS: Can we get to the SpaceInA Balloon?

HALO Space has completed its first test flight of a balloon to carry a passenger capsule into the stratosphere, so the answer appears to be yes. We talked to them about how it went.

WHERE ON EARTH: A mineral forest for a natural spa

Calcite has transformed the landscape of Pamukkale in Turkey where the “cotton palace” has sprouted a mineral forest. The petrified waterfalls and terrace pools look like a dreamy cascade of infinite spas, which is exactly what they once were for the kings of Pergamon.

Exclusive: Meet author Moshe Bar and read an excerpt Mindwandering: How It Can Improve Your Mood and Boost Your Creativity

What really happens when we let our minds explore ideas? In his book, Mind wanderingneuroscientist Moshe Bar explains how letting your mind wander could be the key to ticking off a few 2023 goals.

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see, see and read this month and much more.

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