When is ‘Wednesday’ season 2 on Netflix?

This week, Netflix announced the good news: Wednesday-the Tim Burton-directed one, starring Jenna Ortega The Addams Family Netflix spinoff – was renewed for a second season.

Oddly enough, this announcement didn’t come on an actual Wednesday for whatever reason. You’d think Netflix would lean into the gimmick a bit. Instead, the streamer released a teaser on Thursday night and the official announcement on Friday.

The only thing Netflix didn’t reveal is when the actual season will land, so we’ll have to do our best with predictions and make an educated guess — for now. Still, speculation has its uses. And if we get this one right, we’ll have bragging rights down the road.

When did Wednesday Release of Season 1 on Netflix?

The first season of the Nevermore mystery show dropped all its episodes at once on November 23, 2022. It’s the kind of series that makes sense in the fall when things get colder and grayer. Wednesday is very much a Halloween-adjacent show, so it makes sense that Season 1 came out in November, and it makes just as much sense that Season 2 comes out at the same time of year.

Season 1 filming began in September 2021 and wrapped in March 2022. There are about six months of filming, then all the post-production (editing, CGI, etc.) leading up to the November release about eight months later.

Other factors

Ortega is a rising star and a busy one, but what we do know about her upcoming list of projects is hopeful. The biggest-Scream 6—is complete and will be launched on March 10, 2023. Two other projects—Winter Spring Summer or Autumn and Finestkind—are both in post-production. Just Miller’s Girl, starring Ortega alongside Martin Freeman, remains in production.

Director Tim Burton is working on the long-awaited sequel to beetle juice, but details surrounding the project – including its release date – remain hazy.

In other words, there do not appear to be any major obstacles to starting production Wednesday Season 2, although we obviously don’t know all the different factors at play. That could mean filming could begin earlier than September 2023 (provided the script, casting, location scouting and everything else is in place before then).

My best guess is this: Assuming filming starts around the same time and takes roughly the same amount of time to complete, I’d expect a second season at the very latest for Wednesday is November 2024.

But even if Netflix gets an earlier start and takes better time, I doubt we’ll see a second season before October 2024, simply because that’s the time of year you’d expect these kinds of shows to air.

Basically, I wouldn’t expect a 2023 release for season 2 without some miraculous unknowns entering the picture. As far as we know, the second season has yet to be written, and moving from script to production to post-production and finally streaming will take time – but perhaps less time than the first season since not everything has to be done from scratch.

Many mysteries remain for Season 2 beyond just the release date. Who will take over as headmaster of Nevermore? What will become of Tyler and Laurel? What new mystery awaits our intrepid detective – and will she get a new dance number? Only time will tell!

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