What Is Filerepmalware?

Filerepmalware is a cyber threat that belongs to the trojan-horse family (Trojan is a malware Filerepmalware that comes in the computer while downloading some software from unknown resources). The old name of the Filerepmalware was “Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]”, as the name suggests that it has Win32 in the name and the window files save as Win32, so that no one suspects about it, that it’s a virus. Filerepmalware is the PUP (potentially unwanted programs), that you had no intention to download but it downloads anyway.

How It Comes To Computers/Laptops?

When we downloading some software from unknown websites or resources, or we bought the premium version of some software, it comes with that on the computer. Other resources from where Filerepmalware can install on the computer are by visiting third-party pages or installing anti-viruses software from non-reputable sites. Filerepmalware PUP comes with the program that you wanted to download on your system.

Impacts On Computer/Laptop:

Filerepmalware can harm the computer in many ways. Some of the ways are as below

  • Slowing down the computer
  • Showing the irrelevant ads and pop-ups
  • Directing to the third-party pages
  • Hacking the personal data from the computer and transfers It to the third-party
  • Creates problems connecting to networks.

Harms By Filerepmalware:

If you are sure that a trojan horse is already in your computer with the name of Filerepmalware, then you have to make up your mind, that the trojan has done some serious issues on the computer. Trojan type viruses usually don’t come alone, they come up with other viruses as well. They don’t usually give positive news about the computer. They increase the performance of the CPU or GPU for installing other viruses. And after that many unwanted viruses install on your computer such as “Ad malware (that shows you ads and pop-up), Adware program (a program that shows you advertising material), Filerepmalware virus (the virus that hijacks your personal data i.e. email, IP address and tracks your cookies)

Is Filerepmalware Detectable?

At first, Filerepmalware is not detectable by the anti-viruses, because anti-virus fails to recognize the exact behaviour of the file. But with the passage of time, Filerepmalware is detectable because of the suspicious activities by the malware. When its detectable anti-virus shows the malware in the full scan and asks the user to delete it on a priority basis.

Is It Dangerous?

The security threat is real about the malware, but Filerepmalware is not the most dangerous malware. It is dangerous because it transfers your data to the third-party, and slow-down your computers, and shows you third-party pages pop-ups and ads.


You can prevent your computer from all kinds of malware by following the given steps.

  • Keep updating your system security.
  • Install security patches as soon as possible.
  • Don’t open links from spam mails.
  • By not opening suspicious links.
  • Avoid downloading from suspicious websites.
  • Reviewing software before downloading it.
  • Never turn off the firewall or system security.
  • Install anti-viruses software.

Removing Filerepmalware:

If the anti-virus doesn’t show about the malware, then no need to bother yourself to delete it. But if you receive any notification about the malware, take it seriously and remove it ASAP.

It’s challenging work to remove the Filerepmalware manually because it comes in the system folder and there are many system folders in the system/drive. The best way to delete or remove the Filerepmalware is to run a full computer scan with an updated version of the anti-virus.

You should also have to look on the browsers that you often use, see if you accidentally download PUP while downloading your file or software. You should see the installed software on the computer, if you see any suspicious program that you didn’t install, then remove that program on priority bases.

Fixing Problems:

If you had malware/ Filerepmalware on your computer and you remove it. It possibly did a lot of damage to your computer. For fixing the problems that were caused by malware, you should have to use software like “Reimage, SpyHunter5, Malwarebytes.” These are the best programs to fix all the problems caused by malware

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