What is Casa Amor and will it be Winter Love Island 2023?

Published: 2023-01-12T20:09:45

Updated: 2023-01-12T20:09:55

Casa Amor is destined to shake up Love Island’s winter season this year. Here we will explain what Casa Amor is and when we can expect to see South Africa’s Casa Amor appear in 2023.

The hit ITV show is back with another £50,000 on the line for the winning couple, a new host and cast who are soon household names across the UK. Meet all the new islanders here!

To spice things up before they enter the new-look villa for the first time, fans can vote for the first bombshell to arrive as well. However, those who have been watching the show for years will be waiting in anticipation from episode one onwards for the biggest bombshell drop… Casa Amor.

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Let’s take a look at what Case Amor is all about and when viewers can expect to see it in the Love Island 2023 winter series.

What is Case Amor? Love Island twist explained


Here is Casa Amor from a previous season of Love Island. It will undoubtedly look different in 2023.

Translated to ‘House of Love’ from Spanish, a second villa has been unveiled and the group of participants is split right down the middle. The boys will be moved into a villa of their own, and the girls will be taken to Casa Amor (or vice versa).

In each scenario, six bombs of the opposite sex have been addedwaiting for them and looking to test the waters on even the most established couples from the original cast.

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Case Amor is the ultimate test for islanders who are already in a couple, and likewise the biggest opportunity for singles to return to their original villa with a fight. Heads are made to turn.

Is Casa Amor Winter Love Island 2023?

Where can I watch Love Island UK 2023: What channel is it on?ITV

Love Island returns on January 16, 2023.

Casa Amor featured in the first winter Love Island series and is expected to return in South Africa.

The plot dispute has just never been discussed on Love Island Australia, where they decided to scrap the idea in 2022.

When does Casa Amor usually happen on Love Island?

If you’re wondering when Casa Amor is going to air in winter Love Island 2023, there isn’t a specific date for each season. Using previous seasons as a guideline, it tends to come on stage in Week 4.

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Make sure you keep up to date with all things Love Island on our news page, meet the new cast here and if you’re wondering how to vote for your favorite couple on the show, do it here!

Love Island will air on ITVX in the UK – info on each episode’s release times here – and can also be seen overseas in the US, Europe and beyond.

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