Channel letters are large illuminated signs and logos that are usually hung over the front of a business. They’re meant to look like the lettering on a marquee.

What are LED channel letters?

LED channel letters are signs that use light-emitting diodes to illuminate the letters. This format was developed to increase visibility for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Meaning: The bright color of the LED diodes create a warm, inviting feeling. Channels require specialized LED driver just like regular sign.

Installation: The LED signs are hung at strategic spots across the street. They look like equal-height 60µm LED banners.

Benefits: The LED signs save on maintenance costs and make it easier for businesses to let their clients know where the parking spaces are.

Concerns and alternatives: Depending on your location, LED channel signs could cover excessive areas. Because the diodes are a type of electronic signal, they can be blocked or disrupted by other signals. Also, if the diodes are incorrectly placed, the signal could go off-line.

What are the benefits of channel letters?

Channel letters are a great way to advertise your business. They’re a highly visible form of signage that can be seen by people from both outside and inside your business. Channel letters are also known as LED signs and they’re created by mounting LED lights to a metal frame.

How do you choose the right channel letter for your business?

When choosing a channel letter for your business, you need to first consider how you want to be perceived. Channel letters can be extremely expensive, so it’s important that you choose the right one that reflects your brand. For example, if you’re a startup, you might want to choose a more modern, clean design to give off a more professional vibe. If you’re a standard eCommerce store, you might want to channel that by leasing modern and stylish stores, which often include a center of business area. Or maybe you want to express your company’s creative side by choosing a friendly studio design, or a non-descript color scheme.

How do you choose the right colors and fonts for your channel letters?

You can use black or a dark color for the main text and white for the background. If you decide to use a dark color for the letters, then make sure you use white for the background. Use a light color for the background if the letters are light colored. Choosing the right colors and fonts is important because it can help people recognise your logo from a distance. The colors of your logo touch the mind in so many ways. Black is timeless and can be used on all types of items such as clothing or decorations. Dark colors are also popular colours that can be used in logo designs. Giving colours a black background can give the design a unique look and feel. The decision of what to use as the background depends on your purpose. Black is sometimes used for text that looks lighter in color, and the white background can add depth to black text.

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