Every phone call is the most important part of any business to thrive and we are not just service of phone call recording but we understand it more than its business perspective for your business. We like to work with you as a strategic partner that provides tactical services for generating a better ROI of marketing.

We help you to link your CRM to the Virtual Call Tracking system that measures the advertising success by the source of revenue. Our system will help you to understand what media of marketing is generating your revenue at its highest. We highlight what marketing campaign, channel, media or device is driving your customers to you. We have services that offer your call conversions in your best CRM, CRO, PPC and other analytics for customer generation with the help of applications.

The system that we have records and listen to every call and if any call is missed by your team, we can email you its recording and report too. We also provide reports for staff training which enhances your staff capabilities. Every poorly handled call is a drop of the customer from your business.


We have call tracking services which are state of art and meet all the requirements of modern technology:

  • Call Tracking & Analytics
  • Call Routing
  • Integration


Virtual Call Tracking has different features which are essential for any business to meet the current era challenges. We have features like:

Call Tracking:

When every call is accountable and you know your PPC ad, web page, device, search network devices, keywords are all valuable for your business, we have a call tracking system that builds your knowledge about your incoming and outgoing calls.

Call tracking has several options like:

  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Geographical Number Display
  • Off-site and Offline Tracking
  • Session-Based Web Tracking
  • EDM – Electronic Direct Marketing

Application Integrations

To gain a deeper understanding of your client’s information is the best way for the search to sale journey. We provide integrated virtual call tracking into your PPC, Google Analytics, CRO or CRM with different integrations like:

Google analytics
Google Ad Words

Call Routing and Management

We provide the best customer experience and improve the overall business communication by setting up the world-class call routing features which have:

  • Call Recording & Call Listening Services
  • Hosted IVR
  • Live Contact Centre
  • Geographical Routing
  • Postcode Routing
  • Survey’s
  • Call Notifications

Data Analytics & Reporting

We have one of the easiest to use analytics and reporting dashboard where you can see and view all your call data off or online together even your web site traffic. We offer these features in Data analytics and reporting:

  • Reporting Portal
  • Call Reports

Virtual Call Tracking service is one of the best services for call tracking in Australia. We have years of experience in customer satisfaction that yields years of professionalism and client`s requirements from every perspective. Clients of ours are our first priority. Our expert team of professionals is always there to gauge your business requirements then provide you with options that suit your budget and business requirements. Our services are modern yet meet all the modern requirements.

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