Virtual Call tracking has different ways to manage, record and track the calls. We offer different solutions for modern business requirements which are as follows:

Call Tracking and Analysis

We offer call tracking and analysis services that understand the media that track the calls or traffic. We provide different Media that help you to build your audience and track them at the same time with the help of track TV, Magazines, Ad Words, Web Traffic, Display Ads and many other options that are making leads for you. This information is valuable for your business so you should track them for the best results.

We also determine the cost incur in this investment so we have the best options for saving your investment cost. Now you have the system that measures the call data in real-time. Now you also know the cost per lead for every marketing activity you do. This helps you to grow your business initiatives. With the help of our Call Tracking service, you can easily link your CRM, Optimize your websites for more traffic. You can easily integrate your favourite application, call and reporting services and real-time phone call data reports too.

Call Routing

Our call routing system is very easy to integrate into your system so there is no chance left to drop a call or missed one. Your clients are always meet with greetings. We provide improved customer acquisition by connecting them with the right person in the business. Our system connects anyone from anywhere to anyone in your business and assures you that your client will not be loosened.

You can record calls and listen to them later and it amazed you when you know how your staff is handling every call which is the most important lifeline of your business. You can easily know which media is making the best marketing ROI`s and how many leads you have generated for a month, week or days. If you don’t know why not your leads are not converting, we know what to do with it. Our system also provides geographic call tracking, reporting, and analytics, quality and compliance.


With the help of our state of the art application integration system, your business can easily attach many sales and marketing application to reach the top level of sales and get the quality of data from camp gains you are running like advertisements, etc. our service can optimize your calls, web traffic and also track actual revenue with the help of online and offline ads. This helps you to push your data into a business application that guides you in which media or ads are producing the best customers for you.

Instruction and Support

Our call tracking system will help your staff and developers with setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of issues your business faces during the journey.

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