Violent trans people set for transfer to women’s prison: Report

Nicola Sturgeon’s far-left vigilante government in Scotland will reportedly face another major transgender prisoner decision, as one of the “most dangerous” biologically male transsexual prisoners is to be transferred to a women’s prison.

Just days after public pressure saw the ruling Scottish National Party-led government forced to reverse course on placing double rapist Isla Bryson (formerly Adam Graham) in Cornton Vale women’s prison following intense backlash, a new transgender prisoner scandal under surveillance.

Tiffany Scott, who was born Andrew Burns, has been approved by the left-wing SNP government to be sent to a prison which would match the inmate’s alleged gender identity. Scott has long been rejected for transfer to a women’s prison, but despite having a history of violence, including assaulting female prison staff and stalking a 13-year-old girl, Scott has now been given approval to be transferred, according to Scotland Daily record newspaper.

A source told the paper: “Of all the female trans prisoners in the estate, Scott has been deemed the most dangerous.”

“As it stands, Scott will be admitted to a women’s prison – probably New HMP Stirling later this year – and held in segregation. This will most likely lead to full integration with the main prison environment.

“This highly disturbed prisoner has assaulted female staff while in prison, has admitted stalking a young girl and has been one of the most threatening people in Scottish prisons. It is madness to send her to a women’s prison – there has to be a better solution than this.”

The report comes after Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was forced to perform an embarrassing U-turn on sending biological male transgender inmate Isla Bryson to a women’s prison after being convicted of raping two women while still identifying as male in 2016 and 2019. Bryson, who was born Adam Graham, claimed to be transgender after the rape trial began.

“Given the understandable public and parliamentary concern in this matter, I can confirm to Parliament that this prisoner will not be incarcerated in Cornton Vale Women’s Prison,” Sturgeon said.

The British government in Westminster announced earlier this week that it would update its policy on transgender prisoners, saying it would ban transgender inmates with “male genitalia” or those convicted of sex crimes from women’s prisons.

However, the Scottish Prison System (SPS) is governed by the local devolved government in Edinburgh and not Westminster, and therefore the rule changes will not apply to Scottish prisons.

Commenting on the case, Scottish Tory barrister Russell Findlay said: “In the wake of this week’s scandalous decision to put a double rapist in a women’s prison, all transfers of trans prisoners to the women’s estate must be put on hold.

“We need to see SPS’s new policy on these issues without delay. The safety of women in custody and prison staff must be the primary consideration, not the rights of dangerous criminals.”

An SPS spokesman said: “If there are any concerns about any risk posed by an individual, to themselves or others, we retain the option to keep them separated from the general population until an agreed … plan is in place. “

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