Veis sponsored Forspoken Stream does not go as planned

Square Enix’s Forspoken didn’t impress Vtuber Veibae at first, as her sponsored stream for the game comes to an abrupt end.

Vtuber known as veibae had to cancel and even restart on her Abandoned-sponsored stream due to a very unfortunate mishap with her copy of the game. The power went out just 30 minutes later, meaning Vei barely got a chance to show off important features like the Magic Parkour system.

Square Enix’s Abandoned was released on January 24, 2023 to mixed reviews. Vei decided to stream the game on January 27 as part of a sponsorship with the publisher, but she had to re-stream Forspoken later that day, as the game had not yet finished downloading.


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Vei had reached the abandoned house with the talking cuff, nearing the end of the first chapter of the game and moving on to the fantasy world of Athia, the main environment. After taking in her settings, she walks over to the desktop and interacts with the item, only for the game to stutter. Vei wonders if the stuttering was due Abandoned crashes, only for a popup saying that Veibei’s PS5 still had forty gigabytes of app data to download before she could continue playing.

Vei was not happy about this and can even be heard regaining composure in a clip shared to Reddit, almost as if she was on the verge of tears. Once she’s calmed down, she laughs off her frustrations a bit as she asks why Abandoned “said it was playable” when it wasn’t. She says that she “doesn’t want to go Karen” on the situation before expressing that it was ridiculous that she had to download about forty gigabytes to leave New York in Abandoned. Due to the fact that the core of the Abandoned takes place in Athia, veibei essentially had the entire rest of the title left to download.

The download had an estimated three hours left before it would finally finish, and veibei could play without interruption. She points this out in a dramatic way and presumably ends the stream Abandoned finished download. The original stream was understandably omitted from Vei’s channel, but thankfully the download was completed later that day, and a full, uninterrupted stream of Abandoned can be found on Vtuber’s channel and possibly more. All that remains of the situation is a Twitch clip a viewer managed to save.

It’s understandable why Vei made such a mistake, as many releases in this generation of games tend to prioritize downloading the start of the title first, allowing other parts to take time to load while fans play. Once the start of the game has finished downloading, these games will consider themselves “playable” on menu screens. However, it appears that Abandoned doesn’t seem too streamer-friendly so far, as someone else got banned on Twitch for playing it early.

Abandoned is now available on PC and PS5.

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