Upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley update will include save upgrades for players

After months of requests, Gameloft is finally upgrading Disney Dreamlight Valley’s save system in an upcoming update.

Almost six months after its launch, Disney Dreamlight Valley will improve the save functionality in the game according to the developers. An update to the game’s save system has been a requested feature by many players for some time. Now Gameloft finally wants to make that change Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The life simulation title has been a hit for the studio since its release in August 2022. Disney Dreamlight ValleyThe community statistics for 2022 showed that players have accumulated a whopping 76 million hours of gaming at the end of last year. This included players creating as many as 4.6 million custom designs, removing 930 million nightthorns and 232 billion Star Coins earned by Scrooge, indicating the level of engagement Disney Dreamlight Valley have received. Unsurprisingly, the game currently has an overwhelmingly positive score of 95% on Steam.


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Amid the tremendous success, Disney Dreamlight Valleysave system has been one of the game’s noticeable omissions for players. Within Disney Dreamlight Valley, each chest could only hold two rows of items, for a total of sixteen items, which is challenging considering the many items for quests. After a Twitter poll that received 37,197 votes, the developers revealed that an update is on the way. The studio said players can expect “some nice improvements to the save quality of life coming in Update 3.” Although Gameloft has yet to share details on what these improvements will look like for fans.

The studio has been actively working on improving the game during its release. Alongside stability improvements and several bug fixes for Disney Dreamlight Valleyplayers were also treated to new ones Disney characters like Scar and Stitch in the last couple of months, as well as an interesting Christmas update. Gameloft has already indicated that more updates are coming soon, which should come as welcome news to those who have been waiting for new content.

Either way, Gameloft will look to keep the fanbase engaged with the growing lineup of characters, cosmetic items, and quests to name a few. The much-anticipated change to the save system indicates that Gameloft is putting just as much effort into it Disney Dreamlight Valleys quality of life improvements as well. Of course, the studio could become more ambitious with the changes in the coming months, such as adjusting how Disney Dreamlight Valley handles time travel. But for now, it seems Gameloft is mostly focused on building on player feedback and keeping fans guessing as to what to expect from the life simulator hit.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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