The MMO community was surprised when the player cashed in 8 years of grinding to set an untouchable record in just 60 seconds

I’ve seen some feats of gaming persistence in my time, but never before have I witnessed an MMO player spend eight years grinding a hated activity specifically so they could one day instantly max an equally hated skill. Such was the feat of Old School Runescape player NC State, who recently hit 200 million experience in the unpopular Agility skill in under a minute after cashing in XP tickets that took years to collect.

my_buddy_lord_speed_aka_the_pinata_aka_nc_state from r/2007scape

NC State’s friend, Reddit user h0dgep0dge, shared a Twitch clip of the final, which has left many OSRS players simply speechless, and for good reason. Even as someone who put about 5000 hours into Runescape before OSRS and has continued to keep up with the game, it’s hard for me to articulate the psychological damage of training Agility at all inflicts, especially using the Brimhaven dungeon that NC State chose to grind.

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