The King of Fighters Allstar Update adds two new playable characters

The King of Fighters Allstar update adds some events and two new playable characters, one of which is a big favorite among KOF fans.

Netmarble has released a new update for The King of Fighters Allstar which added two new playable characters to the roster. The King of Fighters Allstar offers players a different take on the iconic fighting game series. The game mixes the characters known for decades with more elements that are more common in mobile gaming.

One of these new elements in the KOF Allstar is the story, where the main character wakes up in the world of King of Fightersespecially near an arena i King of Fighters 94. Not remembering who he is, the character is about to be attacked by two thugs, when suddenly a girl named Noah appears and helps awaken his powers. The protagonist must fight in all the KOF tournaments and regain his memories, meeting many familiar faces along the way. In addition to the KOF fighters, the game also saw the appearance of guest characters through events, such as the collaboration between KOF Allstar and Soulcalibur 6.


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While King of Fighters 15 received new content this month, KOF Allstar gets an update that adds two playable characters. One of them is XV Iori, a Red Element/Attack type character. Iori’s leadership skill increases the attack and critical damage of extreme fighters, and the active skill gains a strong charge ability. In addition, his special skills increase the damage to allies at a certain rate. The other fighter is XV Shun’ei, a Green Element/Balance type character. Shun’ei’s leadership skill increases the critical damage and attack of green elemental fighters at a certain rate. His ability reduces the cooldown of the active skill for a period and reduces the defense of enemies when landing a basic attack.

In addition to adding KOF 15 variant of Iori Yagami, one of the King of Fighters‘ best grades, KOF Allstar also added new battle cards for XV Iori and XV Shun’ei that give the fighters special properties. The content also includes three new events: a dungeon to earn coins and trading events, and a dungeon where players can earn XV Iori or XV Shun’ei. The third event will reward players who power up the two fighters.

While other well-known franchises have had bad luck on mobile, The King of Fighters Allstar follows the opposite path. The game was released in 2018 and has periodically added new features and characters, offering varied gameplay and keeping players interested. After all, updates with periodic frequency and new characters are two of the elements that captivate players the most in online multiplayer games.

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for PC and mobile devices.

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