The Crossover: NBA midseason check-in with Zach Lowe

The Crossover: NBA midseason check-in with Zach Lowe

The Crossover welcomes ESPN’s Zach Lowe to discuss trends at the NBA’s math midpoint, including the sudden explosion of high-scoring single games capped by Donovan Mitchell’s 71-point outing. They also reflect on what went wrong in the preseason, discuss the merits of a Lakers trade and ponder the merits of a midseason tournament. Plus: If you could go back in time and save one team from its worst offseason blunder, what would it be?

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Beck: I mentioned that we are at the mathematical midpoint. Just kind of looking back…we do all our stupid pre-predictions and forecasts and rankings and stuff. And I looked back at some of mine. I think the one that made me cringe the most was that I had Rudy Gobert as Defensive Player of the Year before the season. Um, probably not going to happen.

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