Sunny Suljic was inspired by the MCU’s Loki For Atreus In God Of War Ragnarok

“When I saw Tom Hiddleston’s performance, I took it with a grain of salt.”

Sunny Suljic, the actor behind Atreus in God of War’s Norse saga, has admitted that Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki in the MCU helped shape his own version of the character.

One of the major plot threads of God of War Ragnarok is Atreus coming to terms with who he is after the last game revealed that his true name is Loki. Although Loki has existed in Norse mythology for centuries, there is a portrayal of the character that everyone probably thinks of when they hear the name “Loki” – Tom Hiddleston in the MCU.

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Suljic appeared on the latest episode of Teen Vogue’s Character Study to talk about his performance as Atreus in God of War Ragnarok. During the interview, Suljic admits that his portrayal of Atreus was partially inspired by Loki in the MCU, noting that he took a “grain of salt” out of Tom Hiddleston’s acting for his own take on the character.


Suljic said, “When I found out I was Loki, it actually helped my performance a little bit. Because Loki is a familiar character, from Norse mythology and basically he’s a trickster. So I started watching Loki on Disney Plus, and I fell in love with the show. It’s actually a really good show that gave me a better reference for the character and it was just cool to see someone else. When I saw Tom Hiddleston’s performance, I took a grain of salt out of it. I loved the performance his, he did really well. But I just wanted to make sure I didn’t completely copy the character itself.”

Alongside taking some cues from Hiddelston’s performance, Suljic also revealed that he delved into some Norse mythology himself to gain a better understanding of Atreus, alongside reading the entire game’s script this time, rather than just his own scenes .

“I actually delved into a lot of Norse mythology. I have just received more information and I have read the script for Ragnarök. The last one I read some parts of the whole script. But I didn’t even realize what I did the last one. But when we enter Ragnarök, it was just a whole different story. I had a lot more dialogue, a lot more action scenes and everything. It’s so cool to be able to play by myself.”

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