We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new sunglass hut Let’s Go Shopping try-on series This time, the haul is quite different. we’ll be focusing on sunglasses, and specifically, doing an enjoyable splurge vs. look-for-less comparison of gorgeous designer sunglasses. Let’s begin!

Designer vs affordable

Sunglasses are among those things that people experience mixed emotions about. Many believe that you should spend more on them since they’re likely to be worn every day and they’ll last for an extended time when you care for them. Others convinced that it’s better to have a variety of more affordable alternatives so that you can experiment with your clothes and outfit. Also you are never sure when they’ll get lost! Today I thought it would be fun to present you with a little bit of both for nearly every pair. So, no matter what side you choose to lean on, there’s a pair specifically for you!

Me, personally? I’m more of mixed. I love designer glasses, but I also prefer having a variety of options to pick from that will complement my look!

How sunglasses can help boost our confidence

In addition to shielding our eyes from sun, sunglasses give us an instant boost in confidence.

How? They act as a barrier or shield to our eyes, stopping other people from reading the body language by our eyes. Expressions such as surprise, fear or disgust are all revealed by looking into someone’s eyes.

Being in the control of what we decide to display to others will to boost our confidence, by not revealing our true identity.

fashionable vs classic

  • The atypical shapes and trends like:
  • Heart-shaped
  • Cat eye
  •  Rectangular shaped
  •  Rimless

Helps reveal an enthusiastic and friendly persona. If you’re shy type, going for an attractive accessory could make a great conversation accessory if you’re in search of someone to have conversations with!

Classic shapes and neutral shades such as aviators, for instance, can show the person who is reliable and appreciates the structure of their lives. sunglass hut


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