“Stay Home, Joe” – Brexiteers in UK say Biden should skip N. Ireland visit

Leading British Brexiteers have called on US President Joe Biden to abandon plans to travel to Northern Ireland unless he is willing to put aside his anti-Brexit bias.

In his annual ‘State of Brexit’ speech to the Bow Group, former Secretary of State for Wales Sir John Redwood MP said it is vital that the US government realizes that the Northern Ireland Protocol to the UK-EU Brexit deal, which has essentially Northern Ireland cut off from the rest of the UK in terms of customs and regulations is the central force undermining the Good Friday Peace Agreement.

“President Biden wants to come over on the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and celebrate it, but there will be nothing to celebrate unless Stormont meets again and works,” said Sir John, Stormont is the day-to-day name of Northern Ireland’s regional government.

“It cannot do so as long as the EU continues its heavy-handed misinterpretation of the protocol.”

“They need to understand on the American side of the Atlantic, as we do, that it is the protocol that is damaging the Good Friday Agreement,” Redwood explained.

He said that if the Democrats and President Biden “really want to help, they need to understand the great damage that has been done to the Good Friday Agreement by the EU’s misinterpretation and mishandling of the protocol.”

Speaking to Breitbart London, Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney said: “Like Obama and Pelosi before him, Biden and US Democrats have attempted outrageous interference in the Brexit process and in our domestic governance.

“Britain has never had a greater ally in supporting Brexit than Trump, or a greater enemy in robbing it than Biden. With Biden threatening to cancel his state visit to the UK unless we keep the NI protocol, it sounds like the first trade deal he has proposed we can get behind, he said.

“We accept your terms, Joe. Stay at home and focus on your own country, your interference is unwelcome here.”

Just like his old boss, former President Barack Obama, who infamously weighed in before the Brexit vote to warn Britons that they would be put “at the back of the queue” in terms of a trade deal should they vote to leave the EU, Biden has consistently opposed Brexit.

He has apparently honored Obama’s threat, having rejected any major talks about a potential trade deal between Britain and America.

The American president is often accused of harboring anti-British prejudices, and tends to emphasize his Irish heritage and downplay the fact that he is probably also of English stock.

On the Northern Ireland Protocol in particular, Biden has consistently sided with the EU.

The protocol was part of the Brexit deal negotiated by former prime minister Boris Johnson, in which Northern Ireland has been effectively cut off from the rest of the UK by internal trade barriers imposed by the EU, which has been accused of imposing excessive customs. checks compared to other border entry points to punish Britons for Brexit.

This has led to widespread anger among the pro-British unionists in the province, leaving the status of the regional government in limbo as politicians have been unable to form a government.

Ironically, despite Biden’s persistent claims that attempts to renegotiate the protocol will endanger peace, he was apparently less concerned when the EU tried to unilaterally impose a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland to stop vaccine shipments to the US. Kingdom — something the EU and its backers insisted was unthinkable during the Brexit vote and subsequent exit negotiations.

More recently, the Biden administration has been criticized for the appointment of former Joe Kennedy, the grandson of US Irish President John F. Kennedy and controversial US Senator Ted Kennedy, as special envoy to the British nation.

The move was criticized by Brexiteers over Kennedy’s apparent bias in the matter, as Kennedy previously worked for a pro-Irish US lobbying firm that advocated for the EU’s position on the Northern Ireland Protocol in Washington.

Still, Sir John Redwood said that despite efforts from the US, the EU, and indeed from EU loyalists at home, the Brexit movement was in a strong position, saying: “It turns out anyway that our trade is good outside the EU, just as we thought it would be.”

However, the former political adviser to Margaret Thatcher added that the current Conservative government can do more to use new-found Brexit freedoms to the country’s advantage.

“Taking back control is about using the freedoms we’ve been given. That is why I am impatient for the government to do more, he said, highlighting agriculture, fishing and energy production as potential growth sectors.

“We need to move forward and make more of the changes that will be good for business and life in the UK.”

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