AGM Electrical stands tall to help its valuable customers, in dealing with a devastating situation of COVID 19 pandemic. We, at AGM Electrical, stay prepared to deal with every situation with timely measures and trusted work patterns. We assure you to provide only with usable products that are free of every contamination in these dark times of coronavirus outbreak around the world. AGM Electrical believes in integrity and honesty in business dealing with its clients who have shown their trust in our products from our initial days in the industry. You can find a complete range of electrical products @ AGM Electrical and rest assured that they’re carefully checked to avoid COVID 19 risks.

What Is Covid-19 Pandemic?

In simple words, it is a type of pneumonia that was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. That spreads on contamination and body touch. This disease has been associated with zoonotic diseases that are mostly found in animals and transmitted to humans present near them. Within a period of a month, it spread across the country and became out of control. Due to its characteristics of contamination, it was brought into other countries via tourists who recently

visited China and it became global. Unfortunately, the governments appear to be helpless with respect to finding a cure but there are certain measures that can be used to reduce the chances of COVID 19.

AGM Electrical’S Measures:

In the wake of COVID 19, AGM Electrical takes full responsibility for the safety of its products as well as individuals associated with the organization. We’ve stood firm on our stance for safe, usable and affordable electrical products. And we remain firm on this pledge in such critical times. So you can buy coronavirus-free electrical products from AGM Electrical. We’ve taken a few steps to curb the spread of coronavirus in our products as mentioned below:

  • We sanitize our machines before commencing the production at our warehouses.
  • Our quality assurance department has been in constant contact with the medical experts.
  • We are supporting the idea of limited human contact at work and call only key workers.
  • Our workers use safety masks to protect themselves from polluted air that is potentially harmful.

We believe that with such measures, we can surely guarantee you the sanitized and usable electrical products.

Why AGM Electrical

AGM Electrical is confident to announce that sanitized electrical supplies stock available in Australia. From power points to switches and circuit breakers to LED lights. You can find a wide range of electrical products at AGM Electrical. Plus, we offer you the facility to purchase the required material in bulk, online. Just visit the portal, make a selection by navigating the website and place your order online with a guarantee. It will be carefully checked for any potential risk of COVID 19. And not just that, we are the only electrical products suppliers in Australia with minimum delivery turn around. So, you can trust us with wholesale orders in minimum delivery time, too.

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