Rupert Grint not opposed to ‘Harry Potter’ return as Amazon deal sparks hopes for ‘Vox Machina’ expanded universe

The imagination the world is mired in controversy at the moment, as many properties wind up from fan backlash.

Harry Potter continues to be a uniquely polarizing topic, as longtime fans cling to childhood memories while traversing the complex minefield that is JK Rowling’s transition to trans-exclusive radical feminism. The stars of the film series have largely managed to stay out of the fallout over the matter, but Rupert Grint’s recent revelation that he would return to the role of Ron Weasley may bring unwanted attention back to Knock on the cabin star.

Hogwarts’ legacythe last Harry Potter-adjacent video games, also divide audiences, as the game’s potential fandom weighs the myriad issues involved in making a purchase. A recent update from a former Avalance insider only complicated matters further, after he tried to explain how the gaming world works when it comes to sales.

Then there is a world of Game of Thrones, which has courted controversy ever since the series ended on a thoroughly sour note. It’s in the spotlight once again for all the wrong reasons, as an early season favorite finally settles a long-running lawsuit against Marilyn Manson.

Fortunately, there is some good news in the world of fantasy as well. A recent deal between Amazon and Critical Role could bring spectacular news for fans of The Legend of Vox Machinawho may soon find themselves part of an expanded universe.

Is a Vox Machine expanded universe in our future?

Image via Amazon Studios

The news of an agreement between Amazon and Critical Role Productions is gratifying Vox Machine fans, as they look ahead to what could be a branching expanded universe. A new show, Mighty No, is already headed to Prime in the future, and fans have their sights set on what other projects may follow.

Rupert Grint is not against a return to Ron Weasley

Rupert Grint in Servant. Image via Apple TV Plus.

Harry Potter used to be a simple, charming story about youthful wizards, but these days it’s a minefield. Due to JK Rowling’s increasing prominence as a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, many of the stars associated with her properties have worked to distance themselves from the author, and sometimes even the roles they grew up in. Not so for Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley across Harry Potter franchise, who noted that – under the right circumstances – he would be willing to reprise his role.

Game of Thrones‘ Ros settles a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson

Game of Thrones/HBO

Esme Bianco, the amazing actress behind it Game of Thrones‘ Ros, is finally at the end of his legal battles with Marilyn Manson. In order to “move on with their lives and careers,” Bianco and Manson settled a lawsuit that claims Manson violated human trafficking laws by flying her out to California on multiple occasions under false pretenses.

Avalanche insider sheds new light on Hogwarts’ legacy discourse

Hogwarts legacy from Harry Potter
Image via Warner Bros.

A former Avalanche employee added his own two cents to the ongoing Hogwarts’ legacy unrest, noting that the majority of revenue from the game will go to the development team. He noted that the studio historically shares “its financial successes with its employees via generous bonuses,” apparently urging buyers to think of the developers, rather than Rowling and her toxic views, when considering a Hogwarts’ legacy Buy.

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