Round Up: Here’s what Switch Online players think of GoldenEye 007 so far

Over on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, there was also some conversation about the control layout, but others are just happy to see the return of the iconic shooter:

BBQQA – “I’m still devastated that this is happening. FOR YEARS me and my friends have been complaining that we would never see this with a modern release, that it would be stuck in IP rights hell. But somehow way this happened. I don’t think the younger generation really understands the impact this game had or how unlikely this is on Switch and Xbox. It’s crazy.”

Odie_Odie – “I still play Goldeneye on my N64 about yearly, playing it for a few hours over the weekend before saving my system again and I have to say, the controls aren’t too bad. It’s very similar to the original. I think a lot of people realize they just don’t like Goldeneye because of the controls. They’ve always been there, lol.”

MillwrightWF – “…Just a disclaimer older millennial here so 007 was a big part of growing up. First of all I let my Fortnite obsessed son play and after he completely destroyed me in Fortnite this was more my style. He does the building and stuff so that’s where he gets me. Haha no building in this game son and I took him out several times. But when he got the controls down he wanted to keep playing! Looks pretty good. Not the messy mess I expected . No decline from the original. Looking forward to getting some more time tomorrow.”

And here’s what the community over at our sister site Pure Xbox has said about the Xbox version of the game:

Gamecuber – “as a veteran of the original game from back in the day, this version plays better than ever. The modern control scheme on the Xbox drags it kicking and screaming into the present. I briefly tried the Switch version with the original control layout and it would definitely benefit from an actual N64 controller. The Xbox version played brilliantly with two thumbsticks.”

Bucky – “Played through the campaign on Agent difficulty on Switch last night and this morning. Only tried a few levels on Xbox and thought it felt better on Switch, although it required some button remapping”

SugarSkullM – “I love this, but can’t deny the nostalgia factor (and power) is strong with this one. Still fun after all these years.”

Techno92LFC – “No doubt I along with other people would love to see the Xbox Live Arcade version, so don’t understand why we don’t have it, maybe someone here knows? But it’s amazing to see this on an Xbox console and with updated controls.”

You can also check out the Pure Xbox team’s impressions if you’re curious to know more about the Xbox version, and once again take a look at our updated Nintendo Life review for the Switch version:

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