Robyn Brown says Kody ‘Still’ had ‘romances’ with ex-wives when they gained weight

  • Robyn Brown said husband Kody “still” had “romances” with ex-wives who experienced “weight gain.”
  • She appeared to chastise some of his former partners for “gumming” him and comparing relationships.
  • She said she cannot “sympathize” with the other women’s complaints other than knowing that relationships are “hard”.

Robyn Brown dismissed the claim that she was the only wife who had a unique relationship with husband Kody Brown on Sunday’s finale special of “Sister Wives: One on One.” She told host Sukanya Krishnan that she had seen Kody maintain a “romance” with his three former wives when they had “stretch marks” and “weight gain”.

Her response came after Krishnan mentioned that Kody’s ex Christine Brown had referred to Robyn and Kody as “soulmates” in her interview for the special.

A seemingly confused Robyn claimed that Kody’s first three wives made “choices” in the past that made Kody feel like he couldn’t go to their houses while he was “protecting our health” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“She had a thing for Kody. She didn’t take care of it,” Robyn said of Christine, adding that her husband wanted a “soulmate experience with each of his wives.”

Christine and Robyn Brown.

Christine and Robyn Brown.


“He’s a loving person, he’s a loving husband,” she continued. “And what you see is years of people not taking care of their relationships.” She claimed that some of his former wives rejected him “affectionately” because they were “uncomfortable” and wondered rhetorically how that could help a relationship stay healthy.

She also appeared to chastise the other women for “gumming” Kody and comparing their relationship to hers.

“When I came into this family, I knew and I saw that when there’s stretch marks and there’s weight gain and it’s like that you know you’re at a standstill in your marriage or there’s fights or there’s money problems or whatever , he still had this romance with each of them,” Robyn said.

Kody and Robyn continue kissing

Kody and Robyn kiss before they were married on “Sister Wives.”


She said she didn’t know how to “sympathize” with Kody’s former partners except to say she knows “relationships are hard.”

“Get your butt in and fix it,” she added.

Robyn is Kody’s fourth wife whom he married on the Season 1 finale of “Sister Wives” in 2010.

He and his third wife Christine announced their separation in November 2021 and consider themselves “divorced”. In the December 2022 finale, Kody and his second wife, Janelle Brown, announced that they were “separated”. Around the same time, his first wife, Meri Brown, told Krishnan that he “made the decision” to end their spiritual marriage of more than 30 years.

Robyn said some of her former sister wives “gave” Kody to her, essentially leaving them with no choice but to practice monogamy, even though they want a polygamous family. The 44-year-old admitted that while she prefers to live a plural lifestyle, she is “scared” to ask Kody to propose to a potential new wife because their family has already broken up.

Episodes of “Sister Wives” are available to stream now on Discovery Plus.

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