Prince Harry says he fled UK with Meghan, Archie ‘fearing for our lives’

Prince Harry said on British television on Sunday night that he “fled” his “homeland” with Meghan “fearing for our lives”, at the time of their so-called “Megxit”.

“It never had to come to this point,” Harry said. “I’ve had conversations, I’ve written letters, I’ve written emails, and everything is just, no, you, this is not what’s happening. You, you are, you imagine it. And it’s really, it’s really hard to take. And if it had stopped, when I fled my homeland with my wife and son in fear for our lives, then maybe this would have been different. It is difficult.”

However, Harry emphasized that he is “100 percent” sure that there can be a reconciliation between him and Meghan and the royal family.

The revelations emerged as Harry gave the first TV interview for his bombshell memoir, Reserve, which will be released tomorrow. Later Sunday night, his interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS’ 60 minutes was set to be broadcast.

In the UK, Harry sat down for the interview with British channel ITV anchor Tom Bradby who said at the beginning of the interview that he had known Harry for 20 years through “good times and bad.”

The interview contained excerpts from the book read by Harry, including the opening sequence, in which Harry described being told by his father that his mother had died in a car accident.

Harry said he only cried “once at the funeral” and described his confusion at greeting the audience whose “hands were wet” from wiping tears while he and William “were unable to show any emotion”. Harry also said that William did not want to be close to him at Eton.

Regarding the much-discussed incident when William pushed him over, he told Bradby: “He wanted me to hit him back, but I chose not to. But then again, so much of the relationship between me and William and the way that unfolded was because of the narrative, or—the distorted narrative that was pushed through the British press, and some people in his office who fed him utter nonsense.

About Charles Harry read from Reserve: “He had always given the impression of not being quite ready for parenthood: the responsibility, the patience, the time. Even he, though he was a proud man, would have admitted it. But single parents? Dad was never cut out for that. To be fair, he tried.”

Speaking about his father’s situation as a widower, he said: “I never want to be in that position. That’s part of the reason we’re here now.”

Harry insisted that what he wrote in the memoir was not intended to harm Charles and Prince William. “I love my father. I love my brother. I love my family. I always will. Nothing I’ve done in this book or otherwise has ever been to hurt them or hurt them.”

Bradby tackled Harry on his attacks on his brother, saying: “But the portrait of your brother is damaging to him, I mean people can choose not to accept it or whatever, but it’s damaging to him… I think he would say that he found you emotional, defensive, he couldn’t get through to you, he found it extraordinarily frustrating, …”Harry shot back, “It’s quite a list – list of things, assumptions you make.” Bradby replied: “I’m just saying I think that would be the counter-narrative on the other side, that the truth is more nuanced and the rest of it. Right? That would be the defence.”

Harry replied, “Well, the truth, apparently at the moment, has been that there’s only one side to this story. Right? But there are two sides to every story. And you know, I’ve put a lot of work and effort into resolving my own traumas from many, many years ago, and I’ll continue to work on that, and – and I think other people in my family could do with that support as well . Because certainly from my perspective, um, you know, I have—I’ve learned an incredible amount. Again in the book I talk about unconscious bias and being called racist by the British press.”

Harry defended his decision to leave the royal family, saying: “We were dedicated to a life of service, which is evidenced by everything we do now with the work we do. And the proposal was very much on the table, publicly, which is that we cannot cope with this situation and we must put our mental health first, we have asked for help and support.

“At the time, I didn’t fully understand how much – or how complicit the family was in the pain and suffering that happened to my wife, and the one group of people who could have helped or stopped this from happening were the people who were – who encouraged for that to happen. And I sit here now in front of you asking for a family. Not an institution. I want a family. And I understand how it can be difficult for them to be able to separate the two, but for me, everything I’ve witnessed and experienced over the years has to be a separation.”

When he told William and Kate about his relationship with Meghan, Harry said there was “a lot of stereotyping going on, which I was also guilty of in the beginning,” around her being an American actress. “Some of the things my brother and sister-in-law — some of the way they acted or behaved, definitely felt to me like that stereotyping unfortunately caused a bit of a barrier for them to, you know, introduce or welcome her.”

Harry told the story, reported in the Sunday papers, that William ordered him to shave off his beard for his wedding to Meghan.

Asked why he had written the memoir, he said he had endured having “38 years of having my story told by so many other different people with intentional spin and distortion,” and he now wanted to “own” his story.

He said he did “everything” he could “privately to get through to my family” but said he was consistently told, “You’re imagining it.”

The Spanish translation of the book was accidentally released six days early in Spain last week, and its contents have been widely reported.

Among the revelations has been a searing claim that William pushed Harry to the ground in an argument over Meghan.

Harry claims William called Meghan “rude” and “abrasive”.

Harry has insisted he wants to reconcile with his family, but refused to commit to attending his father’s coronation when asked directly by Bradby in trailers released ahead of time.


Among the revelations have been a searing claim that William pushed Harry to the ground in an argument about Meghan, and that the brothers had a physical altercation after Prince Philip’s funeral. Harry also talked about losing his virginity to an older woman.

Harry claims William called Meghan “rude” and “abrasive”.

Harry has insisted he wants to reconcile with his family, but refused to commit to attending his father’s coronation when asked directly by Bradby.

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