Prince Harry claims he had “penile frostbite” during William’s wedding

In yet another leak from Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, the wayward Royal has claimed he suffered frostbite to his penis during his brother Prince William’s wedding.

The allegedly frosty reception of his wife Meghan from the royal family may not have been as painful as an earlier ordeal Harry claims to have endured during the wedding reception between his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Britain's Prince Harry (background C) leaves Westminster Abbey in London, following the wedding ceremony of his brother Prince William (Front L) and Kate, (Front R) Duchess of Cambridge, April 29, 2011. AFP PHOTO / CARL DE SOUZA ( Image credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Britain’s Prince Harry (background C) leaves Westminster Abbey in London, following the wedding ceremony of his brother Prince William (Front L) and Kate, (Front R), then Duchess of Cambridge, April 29, 2011. (CARL DE SOUZA/AFP) via Getty images)

According to excerpts from Harry’s upcoming memoir, Reservewhich was leaked ahead of its planned release next week by booksellers in Spain, the prince suffered frostbite on his “child” during the 2011 royal wedding.

In comments reported by New York Post Page six, Harry claimed that after a charity expedition to the North Pole before William’s wedding, he suffered from frostbite on his cheeks, ears and apparently his penis.

Harry said that while relaying stories of his adventure and frostbite to his father King Charles, then still Prince of Wales, and brother William during a pre-wedding celebration, he withheld details of his frozen “tongue”, saying: “Dad was very interested and sympathetic to the discomfort of my frostbitten ears and cheeks.”

“While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the toll was not. It was becoming more of a problem every day,” he claimed.

After the wedding, the prince said he went to a doctor after using Elizabeth Arden cream to try to heal the genital ulcer.

For some reason, the tell-all memoir apparently reveals that the prince was circumcised as a child, despite rumors to the contrary.

Leaks from the gritty memoir have also included stories of Harry losing his virginity as a teenager to an older riding woman who treated him “like a young stallion” in a field behind a busy pub.

The troubled prince also admitted to experimenting with drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and magic mushrooms, which he claimed had shown him the “truth” about the universe.

Despite the long-standing tradition of the British royal family keeping their personal lives private, Harry has also relayed stories of falling out with his brother, the heir to the throne William, Prince of Wales, including an instance in which William allegedly pushed him into a dog food bowl and broke his necklace.

The book, which officially goes on sale on January 10, also claims that King Charles had joked with Harry that he might not be his son – a gag made somewhat uncomfortable by long-running rumors surrounding his birth in light of an affair between his mother the princess Diana and ginger-haired Major James Hewitt.

However, Harry insists these rumors are false, claiming the affair took place after his birth.

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