Populist right-wing polls ahead of Millenial Girl-Power government

The populist Finns party has overtaken Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats in opinion polls as the parties that form Finland’s coalition government fall behind both populists and conservatives.

the populist Finns party, formerly known as the True Finns, is polling at 19.3 percent, ahead of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats at 18.8 percent, according to a poll conducted by the firm Taloustutkimus.

Both parties stand behind the Finnish conservative party, which leads the survey with 23 percent, slightly down from a previous poll, reports the public broadcaster Yle.

– Firstly, the Finnish Party can see that support is now increasing among women. In fact, the entire increase in support comes from women, Taloustutkimus research director Tuomo Turja said, adding that other middle-class party supporters have also switched to the Finns Party.

– There is no clear explanation for the decline in support for the Conservative Party. A percentage point is a fairly moderate decline. The Conservative Party is holding on to its old voters, Turja added.

– The situation of the Social Democratic Party as the main government party is still very good. If you think about previous situations at this stage before the election, the main ruling party has been in a clearly weaker position.”

The vote for Prime Minister Marin and her allies comes after several high-profile scandals last year involving the Finnish leader’s party lifestyle, including allegations of drug use when footage emerged of Marin and her friends partying and the Finnish leader. appearing intimate with a man who was not her husband.

Marin later took a drug test and passed, but after several recordings were circulated on social media showing two topless women kissing in an official government residence, she had to publicly apologize.

“We had a sauna, swam and spent time together,” said Marin, adding: “such a picture should not have been taken, but otherwise nothing extraordinary happened at the gathering.”

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