Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player’s shiny hunt ends immediately

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player’s hunt for a shiny ends almost as soon as it begins when they find one in a convenient location.

An incredibly lucky one Pokemon Scarlet player who just started hunting for shiny Pokémon ended it almost immediately when one appeared next to their location on the map. Hunting for shiny Pokémon, also known as shinys, is an investment that can take hours and have a variety of outcomes when players find one, including great disappointment when a Pokémon escapes with no way of knowing when another will cross the player’s path. .

Shiny hunting has been a long tradition in community, with many finding it exciting to collect rare variants of Pokémon whose color scheme is different from others in addition to completing the regional Pokedex in each game. Some even put in the time to ensure that they not only complete their Pokedex, but also take hundreds of hours to fill it with all the shiny variations found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


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Reddit user Setagawa1078 had just this happen to them, as shown by a 30-second clip they posted on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit. It shows them picking up the map to look at an area that contains a pocket of Maschiff, small dog-like Pokémon that later evolve into Masbosstiff. Setagawa1078 investigates the area and discovers amidst a handful of Maschiff that one is a shiny. The clip ends with them saving the game, presumably to make sure they get another chance to catch shiny on the off chance they mess up.

Although the chances of this happening are quite low, it shows how often rails appear as you explore in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compared to previous entries, with some feeling as if this increase takes the shine out of collecting them. It’s a valid point of view to have because while the clip itself is pretty fun, it comes with a rather inflated sense that finding what is supposedly a far rarer variant is only slightly more exciting than finding the standard version. At the same time, it makes the activity more accessible to players who might not otherwise have the patience to look for them.

This increase can even be seen in other recent stories, including one where a player caught 4 shiny Dunsparce and Dudunsparce and made a post showing off their collection. Regardless of the odds, what happened to Setagawa1078 was incredibly lucky, and if that streak continues with future shiny chases, they should have no problem filling out the roster with them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is out now for Nintendo Switch.

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