Pokemon Scarlet and Violet clip shows shiny ghost Pokemon scaring the player

An incredibly lucky Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player catches the moment a wild shiny Flutter Mane jumps out at them while they’re AFK.

While most Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will spend hours upon hours scouring the Paldea region for shiny Pokemon to catch, the tables are turned on one incredibly lucky player when a wild shiny Pokemon is the one to seek them out for a change. The endless hunt for Shiny Pokémon has long provided fans with a unique challenge, and the same holds true today as trainers continue to seek out new Shiny Pokémon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to add to their collections.


For trainers who are new to the rich world of Pokemon who may not be aware of these rare creatures yet, shiny Pokémon are scarce versions of existing Pokémon differentiated only by a difference in color. They have been present throughout the majority of the core series Pokemon titles, which are only occasionally discovered by players due to their extremely low spawning chances. Although recent entries in the series offer a number of features that can aid a trainer’s encounters with Shiny Pokémon, their default chance of appearing is around 1 in 4,000, meaning that even fans who have been playing for years may not have come across . some in nature. Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe new picnic feature allows fans to share snacks with their Pokémon, with some of the bonus foods giving a significant boost to shiny spawn rates.

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A clip shared on Reddit by user Art3misvl shares the incredible moment where, against all odds, the hunter becomes the hunted while out hunting for shiny Pokémon. The video shows the player away from the controller, their in-game player character standing still as a shiny Flutter Mane jumps out at them from the side and starts a fight. This AFK encounter with a Shiny Pokemon could have ended in tragedy in a way similar to some other shared clips if Flutter Mane wandered off and disappeared, but it might as well have never been discovered at all if it hadn’t jumped into fight on your own.

Although fairly identical in concept, shiny hunting and the methods associated with it have been subjects of debate among Pokemon community since the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with some fans arguing that some of the new gameplay elements take away much of the challenge traditionally attributed to shiny questing. The game’s vast array of glitches often doesn’t help in this regard either, with many fans complaining about glitches causing shiny Pokémon to spawn out of bounds and sharing clips providing evidence of their broken shiny encounters.

Despite the much-criticized state of the game, many fans have found themselves enjoying it Scarlet and Violet much more than they had expected, with some even crowning them as their new favorites in the franchise. While the games’ flaws are both plentiful and often obvious, most of them seem to create moments that are more often amusing than disturbing.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available on Nintendo Switch.

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