Pokemon fans think Tropius needs a buff or new evolution

A Pokémon fan posts complaints about Tropius’ weak stats, opening a discussion about buffing it or adding to the evolution bar.

A fan of Pokemon have suggested that Tropius deserves a stat buff or new evolution because they believe its current status is anemic for a single-stage Pokemon. Balance is important to some Pokemon fans, so it’s no surprise that different suggestions like this come with others chiming in to agree or disagree.

Introduced in Pokemon Generation 3 as a Flying/Grass type, Tropius is one of the few Pokemon in the franchise that does not have an evolutionary line, meaning no one can evolve into it, and it cannot evolve into anything else. With a large body, bladed wings, and a long neck, it has a terrifying stature while also having a design that lives up to its dual types, and it would be natural to guess something like that would have high stats in areas like attack and special attack.


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Reddit user Redd_ddd took note of these stats and made a post taking issue with Tropius’ current numbers, claiming that as it stands it’s one of the worst single-stage Pokémon in the entire series. They compare its attack power to Bellsprout, whose stature is far smaller than Tropius, but has a higher stat in this regard. The post opened up a discussion on how to improve Tropius with the user with the top answer wanting it to get an evolution, but another user disagreed with this and suggested it get a stat buff and pre-evolution. Proposing an expansion to an evolutionary line is nothing new for Pokemon fans, meaning ideas like this could inspire art along the lines of the theoretical Heracross pre-evolution that a fan recently drew.

Since Tropius is from Generation 3 and has seen few changes since its introduction, this topic opens up the broader notion of how to make many of the old Pokémon feel fresh for newer generations. Stat buffs like the one thought of for Raichu would make older Pokemon feel fresh to series diehards, and giving a single-stage Pokemon an evolution line could also add to that feeling while expanding the Pokedex.

With a fanbase as passionate about meta as Pokemons, discoveries are often made about which ones have the best abilities and stats, with some of the latest about the tanky and powerful Ursaluna in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Whether it’s with a simple stat buff, an addition to the evolution line, or both, significant changes to several Pokémon like Tropius that have been Pokemon series for decades would bring several of them back to relevance beyond nostalgia.

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