Pokemon Fan creates an impressive picture of Breloom and Shroomish

A talented Pokemon fan spotlights the Mushroom Pokemon Breloom and Shroomish in a stunning new drawing featuring the mushroom duo.

A creative Pokemon fan decided to give some of the franchise’s Mushroom Pokemon the star treatment, putting Shroomish and Breloom front and center in an impressive new drawing. Fans of the collectible creatures have created all sorts of impressive Pokemon fan art over the years, with much of it focused on franchise stars like Pikachu, so it’s refreshing to see some of the less cuddly entries from the Pokedex get their chance in the spotlight.


Debuted in 1996 with the release of Pocket monsters: red and greenwhich western gamers are more familiar with as Pokemon red and blueit Pokemon franchise has grown in subsequent years to become a cross-media juggernaut. From ongoing releases by developer Game Freak’s Pokemon game series to Pokemon trading card game that introduced millions of players to the CCG world, to movies and TV, the reach of Pokemon the brand is truly staggering. With such a massive, worldwide presence, it’s no wonder the franchise has been a source of inspiration for the artistically inclined Pokemon fans for almost three decades.

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In a charming new image shared with the r/Pokemon subreddit, Redditor rc1246 showed off their depiction of the Mushroom Pokemon Breloom and Shroomish with a post hilariously titled “Drawn a couple of funny guys.” The impressive drawing shows detailed depictions of the two Grass-type Pokémon standing next to each other, with Breloom towering over its undeveloped, and decidedly grumpy, former form. The duo of Mushroom Pokemon were just two of many other classic creatures returning for the franchise’s latest Nintendo Switch outing, with players able to add both Shroomish and Breloom to their Pokedex Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Redditors who reacted to the drawing of the mushroom pair were mostly impressed with the duo’s portrayal, with several users complimenting rc1246 on their distinctive art style. With its heavy lines and cartoon-style shading, the drawing brought to mind another game for one user who responded to the post, who said “This Don’t starve together dlc looks wild.” The exaggerated and slightly comical expressions on the two Pokémon’s faces were also the subject of several posts, with one commenter joking that Breloom’s wild-eyed expression reminded them of “the look my cat gives me every time I move towards the cupboard where his food is. kept.”

After years of playing second fiddle to some of their cuter, cuddlier and more photogenic brethren, it’s nice to see two of the Pokemon The franchise’s more aesthetically challenged creatures get a chance to shine. This lovely drawing was a great way for rc1246 to pay tribute to the battle mushroom couple, and decidedly less painful than getting a pixel art Pokemon tattoo to show off one’s love for Pokemon franchise.

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