Paul Pogba breaks down if Sir Alex Ferguson could manage in the modern game

Paul Pogba has outlined what Sir Alex Ferguson needs to be a successful manager in the modern game – which has divided supporters on social media.

Pogba was handed his Manchester United debut by Ferguson during his first spell with the club back in 2011. The future World Cup winner ended up leaving a year later after a disagreement with Ferguson.

Pogba ended up moving to Juventus on a free transfer, further angering Ferguson. He claimed the midfielder disrespected United at the time, then stressed he would be better off elsewhere.

There is no doubt that Ferguson is one of the best managers of all time. But what did Pogba notice while working under him? Check out the footage below.

The legendary Scot managed United for 26 years, winning 13 Premier League titles and transforming the Red Devils into a global powerhouse.

In his later career, he took a step back from coaching and left it to his assistants. Ferguson credited his ability to know when to freshen things up to his longevity in the game.

It’s something Pogba knew from his time at Carrington. He delved into the differences between Ferguson and modern managers during an episode of ‘The Muslim Money Guys’ podcast last year.

Pogba explained: “He didn’t, it wasn’t the coach that you see now with Pep Guardiola talking more.

Ferguson won a total of 28 major awards.  (Image credit: Alamy)
Ferguson won a total of 28 major awards. (Image credit: Alamy)

“No, he wasn’t like that. I think he had the staff and the players so he didn’t have to.”

When pressed on Ferguson’s suitability for modern football, Pogba was candid. He said: “If he has the staff and people and players (like he did), yes.”

While Pogba’s comments are not out of the blue, fans online have debated how much coaching Ferguson did in his prime.

One person said: “Ferguson managed United from 86-13, how many times did the game go ahead in that time? He managed to stay on top once he got there.”

Another commented: “The game has changed once or twice since he retired. He survived four or five shifts.”

A third tweeted: “What Pogba said is all facts, people calling him salt have no idea.”

While some said: “Rooney said the same. People have to give Pogba credit for being honest.”

Pogba during his second spell at United.  (Image credit: Alamy)
Pogba during his second spell at United. (Image credit: Alamy)

Pogba ended up moving back to United in 2016 for a then world record fee of £89m. Despite winning the Carabao Cup and Europa League in his debut season, the 29-year-old never quite settled down.

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