The Reasons I BUY and adore PANDORA Jewelery

The thought was that it might be fun to share my pandora ring, and also talk about the moment I received my very first Pandora piece, the reasons I am so fond of my pieces, and the various options Pandora has to offer in their collection. I hope that you enjoy the reading of the details of my Pandora story and will find this article helpful, particularly when you’re looking to purchase some jewelry.

I’d been considering Pandora pieces for quite some time, prior to starting my collection. I’ve always believed that they were beautiful pieces and provided a variety of choices. The rings always caught my attention the most, because I was really impressed by the array of rings available and the possibility of stacking the rings in different ways.

My Pandora collection began when I received an Pandora Charm and bracelet as a gift for a birthday gift. I worked at this position for a number of years and made many wonderful acquaintances along the way. They all wanted to buy me something special and also to keep them in mind. They gave me The Pandora Moments lavender multi-Strand bracelet and the charm for Many Thanks. This was the beginning for my Pandora collections in the month of July of 2014.

The thing is I couldn’t resist going to my Pandora website and taking a look at the stunning pieces. I was certain that I wanted add charms to my new bracelet, and I purchased a couple within a short time after I received it. I decided to pick two Purple Circle Game Spacers, which I believed would look great to go with my purple bracelet.

There was a promotion for bracelets which was that if you bought the amount specified, you received an extra bracelet. I thought it was the perfect time to purchase some rings and an classic Pandora Moments bracelets. I ended up purchasing four rings: the Bubble The Shimmering Leaves Black Enamel Twist, and Mystic Floral.

From then on, my collection has gotten bigger throughout the years. I own a lot of Pandora bracelets, Rings, Charms and some pairs of Earrings. I’ve reviewed every one of my Pandora items on my blog that you can access by clicking Pandora at the top on the homepage. I’m not including a picture of my entire collection on this post because they’re too numerous to fit in one photo. I’ve just picked only a few for the photos.

I believe that Pandora is a great designer of stunning pieces, that you can purchase in different designs now, such as Silver, Rose, Gold and Shine. Every product Pandora creates is full of exquisite details, demonstrating how much effort is put into each piece. What draws me to Pandora is the exceptional quality, the timeless design and the infinite options for creating your own style to fit your style.

I love visiting the Pandora store and spending endlessly looking at the various exhibits. I always am eager to see what they’re planning to launch in their new collections.

Pandora has a large number of new items each year and comes out with new ideas and designs all the time. I am careful in the selection of pieces I’d like in my personal collection, and I really consider them prior to purchasing. For the rings, I take a look at the pictures prior to purchase and then test them out in the stores. After I have put the ring on, I can tell instantly if I want to purchase the ring or not. Charms are ones I love to consider the place I could use it in my current bracelet designs , or when it’s the first time, I like to consider what I might pair it to. There are many items that I’ve never bought through the years because I wasn’t sure if I could find the space for them on my wrist designs at that point in time.

If you’re buying jewelry like this, it’s crucial to maintain your Pandora jewellery in a safe place and to regularly clean them to ensure they look the best they can. I store my jewelry in my Stackers jewellery boxes along with silica gel bags. pandora ring

For me, Pandora fits my style well and I am a fan of making my own stacks of rings and mixing different designs of bracelets together. Pandora offers more basic pieces, such as the Essence collection, and Bangles too. I like mixing my rose and silver pieces. I’ve added a range of various charms to my collection, including others are simple silver enamel, pave, characters, etc. You can find a wealth of inspiration from fellow Pandora admirers on Instagram and Instagram, where they show their various bracelet designs as well as rings. pandora ring

If you’re considering purchasing some gorgeous jewellery pieces that you could keep as part of your collection, I highly suggest checking out Pandora. pandora ring


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