Overwatch player count

In this article, we will learn little about the Overwatch and its active users per month and complete graph about the increasing and decreasing of Overwatch player count. So, overwatch is the animated fighting/shooting game which is so popular in the market. Normally we have seen the trend that the realistic game has lessened popular than the animated games. Do you know the game Fortnite or Valorant these are animated games and have high usage per month than any other realistic games? We will curious you with the facts of Overwatch player count per month.

Overwatch player count

Overwatch player count 2020

The Overwatch player count 2020 PS4 is around 40 million players. Can you imagine 40 million players are currently active? The official Overwatch players count per month is 10 million. These stats are dramatically great 10 million players are active per month on Overwatch, and currently 792,070 players are online. This game is so popular due to its functionalities. You have different agents in this game. Every agent has their different power and ability. So, the most important step is to choose the agent and use their abilities with expertise. You can also play this game in a squad or a single player. Players that played the game in 2020 were around 50 million. Now, these stats are increasing dramatically.

Overwatch Esports success

When the numbers of the game were increasing dramatically. So, has the appeal of the game as an Esports. The cumulative tournament prize pool for Overwatch battle worldwide worth is less than two million US dollars in 2016 but with the passage of time the worth of Overwatch worldwide rose up to 6.7 million US dollars. So, you can see the statistics of Overwatch player count increasing enormously. Now Overwatch is the sixth most popular game at eSports game worldwide.

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