Overwatch 2 players say Orisa requires the least skill to master

Part of the Overwatch experience is always having something to complain about. After all, it never is ours wrong when we’re on a losing streak, is it? No, it’s because Sombra/Mei/Moira/WhoeverJustKilledYou is horribly unbalanced, and requires zero skill to play. But for a change, we have someone else’s head on the chopping block today, as Overwatch players are saying that Orisa is far too easy to master right now.

This comes from the subreddit r/Overwacth, as one fan says they managed to climb from Bronze 3 to Platinum 2 in two weeks playing as Orisa. Because of this, the player says she requires “little or no brainpower” – and many others agree.

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“I have been competitive as Orisa [by] hold left click,” says Reddit user Main-Sir6307. “I climbed from Bronze 3 to Platinum 2 in a little under two weeks and this is my first time playing Overwatch… Is there an easier hero?”

Others in the answers agree, thinking that Orisa is at least the easiest tank to play.

“I’m surprised people aren’t complaining more about her spear throw. Six second stun that can do 100 damage,” says iceLevia.

It definitely seems that Orisa’s spear is the source of many players’ frustration with her, as Crypto_hawker explains: “Not to mention it’s pretty much instant use and super fast. [Sigma’s] rock needs to be recharged and runs slowly. Javelin is up as hell.”

One user even compares it to Doomfist’s punch – only without the risk of launching yourself into the enemy team. In fact, fans seem to want Orisa to get a lot less high reward when she’s not also particularly high risk.

This feeling seems to be growing in the wake of Roadhog’s recent nerf, causing him to do far less damage with his hook ability than he used to. Since then, the ‘hog has not been able to support heroes, or even Tracers, who have the least HP of any hero in the game. Granted, neither can Orisa’s spear, but it can completely stop some abilities, including some ultimates. The hook’s cooldown is also two seconds longer than the spear’s, for some reason.

But of course, this is Overwatch, so there are plenty of other characters in the firing line here. Unsurprisingly, Moira is also being voted a low-skill hero, with her detractors saying that all you need to do with her is hold down the attack button and rack up kills. A few of her mains throw Mercy under the bus instead, saying she’s far more beginner-friendly, especially since she requires little to no targeting.

Despite this, many seem to be targeting Orisa now that Roadhog has been dealt with. It remains to be seen if future updates address these complaints, but it wouldn’t be unexpected. After all, her current kit is new to Overwatch 2, so there’s still room for improvement

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