Modern Warfare 2 player gets multiple melee kills in a row on Unaware Enemy Team

In the middle of a Modern Warfare 2 match, a player manages to take out a group of unsuspecting opponents as they are quickly picked off one by one.

In a funny clip, a Modern Warfare 2 the player was able to get a satisfying streak of melee kills against multiple players on the opposing team. Within seconds, the player can secure multiple eliminations, adding the short clip to the growing list of hilarious Modern Warfare 2 recordings shared by players.

As one of the most popular entries in the Duty calls franchise, Modern Warfare 2 on average thousands of players on a daily basis. Pitting teams against each other, whether it’s a group of friends in a match or playing against complete strangers, each match offers the opportunity for some impressive, and sometimes even hilarious, takedowns. When playing a match, one of the most important things is to be alert at all times. However, a group of teammates were unfortunately not the most alert squad during a recent game.


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A player on Reddit known as SEG314 uploaded another clip Modern Warfare 2 subreddit showing them quickly taking down a group of opposing teammates, all using melee, who were completely unaware of the player’s presence. In just twenty seconds, the SEG314 finishes off three players who have no idea that an enemy player is right behind them. With a myriad of fun Modern Warfare 2 clip, what makes this video so funny is the opposing team’s complete lack of awareness.

The first elimination in the clip is arguably the best due to SEG314 performing a painful back break. SEG314 sneaks up from behind and takes down the first player with a quick knockback, then quickly takes out the second player. But the craziest part of the whole scene is that the third player walks straight into SEG314’s path, presenting the easiest kill of all. It is hard to understand how the third player who was eliminated never noticed SEG314. Since Modern Warfare 2 was one of the biggest games of 2022, it could well have been a newer player, but it’s still pretty comical to see them go right ahead of SEG314, making elimination almost too easy.

As Modern Warfare 2 continues to grow, many players will flock to multiple matches to get as many kills as possible so they can secure a match win. With such a large player base, someone can cross paths with players who are either new or just completely ignorant, and when that moment comes, it’s a great opportunity to film an amazing win.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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