Mass Effect 2 Mod actually makes Zaeed useful in the suicide mission

Come on Zaeed, this is literally what you were hired for.

Zaeed is a great addition to Mass Effect 2, giving us another memorable loyalty mission, and yet another set of weapons to call into battle. But despite literally being hired to participate in the suicide mission, the guy doesn’t exactly back off when you’re in the collector base.

For whatever reason, Zaeed doesn’t specialize in some of the tasks needed to make the mission a success and reduce the amount of damage the Normandy SR-2 suffers in the process. But luckily, a new mod for the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect 2 actually makes him useful. With this latest creation shared on Nexus Mods, you can make Zaeed a team leader without sacrificing a crewmate, as the vendor decides to draw on his years of experience leading a team.


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“Big Goddamn Hero” by Nexus user Espadara makes the most of Zaeed’s background, making him a viable option to lead the team tasked with single-handedly shooting down enemies.

mass effect zaeed

In the base game, choosing Zaeed to lead the team will result in your tech specialist – Legion, Tali or Kasumi – dying. A pretty big misstep from a guy who should be used to taking control of dangerous missions. Instead, the only correct options are Miranda, Garrus, and Jacob, albeit with the latter two loyal to Shepard.

With Big Goddamn Hero installed, you still need to make sure Zaeed is loyal to you, but otherwise he’s good to go. Looks like Cerberus is finally getting his money (besides the player, considering he was originally paid DLC).

This is far from the only mod that makes changes to how the suicide mission works, which arguably makes it more logical from a lore perspective. As we covered yesterday, we recently got another mod that allows Miranda to act as the biotic specialist without getting anyone killed. This is a godsend for those of us who picked her in the vanilla game, expecting someone who spent the entire game telling us she’s genetically perfect to be halfway decent at using her biotic. Even though she’s loyal, she messes it up, so I guess this mod just gives her the confidence she needed to keep the biotic shield up to everyone is safe from the collectors. Yes, Miranda, even Jack.

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