Maria Harpas is a director in Natural Health Medicine, and she is also working as specialist Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist.

Maria Harpas previously worked in the travel industry and absolutely loved it working for Ansett Australia, once a time with the airline ended it just so happened to fall at the same time her first child was born, she decided it would be a great time to follow my growing curiosity of natural therapies.

She had suffered severe allergies most of my life and recall being sick often as a child. She was tired of taking continual over the counter medications to alleviate my symptoms which were only getting worse. In fact, she recalls someone commenting on the fact that I always walked around with a tissue.

Innovation In The Medical Field

If we see before the naturopathy, we can only rely on the allopathic and homoeopathic medicines. These medicines have benefits but some benefits occur some big disadvantages. Through these Medicines, your body will be habitual of that which is the most unacceptable thing = consequence of the medicines.

Maria Harpas change the trends of the treatment as she tells us to cure your self with Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist which is created by divine truth.  She started to learn much about digestive health and whilst her studies began as a hobby to learn more about my own health by the time she finished. And her second child was ready for school. She realized how important lifestyle medicine was, everyone needs to sleep well, eat well, manage stress to feel healthy. And she was blown away how much could be done in natural therapies to treat symptoms, and so she set up my own private practice.

You have no need to take the bulk of medicines and to destroy your immune system. Whether you can cure your health with t6he help of good sleep, well diet, and appropriate exercise. She replaces medicines with the physical phenomenon of nature.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine uses the same principles in diet, sleep, movement, stress management etc. As functional medicine and naturopathy but it has a great emphasis on nutrition, vitamin, minerals. And the type of foods you eat and how this can influence health and disease. Again, it involves testing such as nutrient levels like vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D, zinc, copper, electrolytes, selenium, iodine, iron and others.


Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that incorporates a range of natural therapies. Which collectively assist in the prevention and management of illness and disease. Or in other words, maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. naturopathic philosophy views patients as a student and heavily considers lifestyle changes that meet each client’s needs.

So it’s about functional medicine, nutrition. The use of whole foods such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, movement, sleep, stress management, toxins. And incorporates scientifically endorsed pathology tests to determine. What is going on under the hood or in that little black box?

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