Furniture is perhaps the most fundamental ornament of a house, office, or any building. Choosing the right furniture for yourself is an important decision as it not only elevates the look of the house but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the house. Furniture is no longer limited to the traditional wooden beds and table stands anymore. Furniture now includes everything that increases the décor of the house. From the fancy wall coverings, chairs, tables to acoustics of a room, everything counts in furniture. To get the best possible wholesale deals for furniture products MAPRAK is your best choice of action in Adelaide!

MAPRAK As A Furniture Wholesale Dealer

 Furniture Wholesale Dealers

MAPRAK has become a prominent South Australian market wholesale dealer in the display industry with a total experience of more than 50 years putting a great emphasis on the manufacture and distribution of excellent quality furniture products. Importing raw materials from all over the world including countries like Belgium and Japan, MAPRAK guarantees to provide a longer-lasting, superior product by using the finest components available.

MAPRAK products are used daily schools, offices, government departments, educational facilities, as well as private customers. We are also available online for guidance and advice that will allow customers to get the products they need. The firm shines bright in the industry due to the trust they have built with their customers over time through quality products delivered on time and a good support service catering to customers’ queries. MAPRAK deals with a wide range of products ranging from acoustics to chairs and seating available in wholesale for vendors.

Products Available for wholesale

 Furniture Wholesale Dealers

Apart from manufacturing quality whiteboards/pinboards, MAPRAK also manufactures and distributes a wide range of furniture products as well.


As the world progresses, more and more businesses and education facilities are opting for open plan working and learning environments. Therefore, acoustic solutions have become a desirable addition. Given any space, MAPRAK, with its abled team, has the experience and expertise to create an impressive acoustic solution. Our team picks the best available material to construct our products. Following are the acoustic solutions that MAPRAK offers to its customers:

  • Acoustic Booths
  • The Acoustic Ceiling Solutions
  • An Acoustic Space Dividers
  • New Acoustic Tiles
  • Acoustic Wall Coverings

The above-mentioned products are available in different styles and categories that can be viewed at their website

Chairs & Seating

Chairs and tables, along with other furniture, are an important part of your workspace. Choosing the right chair is like choosing the right bed. Majority of the people spent most of their times in their office chairs in front of their computer. Therefore, buying a chair that is comfortable for your back and a table with a comfortable height is very important. Let us have a look at the different chairs the MAPRAK offers:

  • Executive Chairs To present a high-end appeal to create an upmarket and lasting first impression, our executive chairs are designed with style by our professional minds
  • Mesh Chairs Being one of the favourites of MAPRAK, our mesh chairs able you sit down in your seat freely feeling very comfortable as our mesh mould around your body
  • Task Operator Chairs From fully comfortable to synchro mechanism, mid to low back there is a chair available that suits your office task needs
  • Visitor Chairs Wide range with or without arms most of them being 4-legged or sledge base


MAPRAK manufactures mainly two types of lounges:

Sophia Lounges

Using Sophia lounges you can create semi-private spaces by adding screens and tablets. MAPRAK offers various modules and useful accessories making Sophia lounges highly customizable.

Commercial Lounges

Commercial lounges are designed with utter professionalism that gives a warm welcome to visitors into an office environment. They are long-lasting products with robust quality. An extensive range of commercial lounges is available at MAPRAK. Lounges are always available in local stock or you can work with our professional and friendly team to design your custom lounge that best suits your needs.

Stools and Ottomans

MAPRAK manufactures three types of stools appropriate for office and school environments.

  • Magoo: Suitable for classrooms and schools. Also available with adjustable heights
  • Stool: Suitable for offices with adjustable heights
  • Focus: Suitable for classrooms and school environments

We claim to produce the strongest modular ottomans in the whole market. We manufacture ottomans using heavy MDF internals, wrapped in steel smooth finish, covered in high-grade vinyl & foam, resting on state-of-the-art ball castors.

Conclusively, MAPRAK has always taken pride in our work and strived effortlessly to produce valuable products and provide the best possible wholesale deals for our vendors. For more information about our company visit

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