Man hailed for cleaning after riots in Koran arrested for rioting

A man in Sweden who was praised for cleaning up after last year’s Easter Koran riots by the Swedish media, has been arrested after being accused of taking part in the riots himself.

Hani Bilal Madi, a 20-year-old from the city of Örebro, has been arrested by Swedish police after taking part in last year’s Easter riots in the city that took place in connection with the burning of the Islamic Koran by the Islamic Koran. The Danish anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan and his group Stram Kurs (Hard Line).

Madi was arrested on suspicion of throwing rocks and stones at the police during the riots, the Swedish newspaper Nerike’s Allehanda reports.

The arrest comes despite Madi being praised by the newspaper shortly after the riot Aftonbladet in April last year for helping to clean up a local park where the riots had taken place and was later even given awards for his actions.

“There was so much going on in my head when I got to the park after the riot. Violent action is never the way to go, but we have to take care of each other, Madi said at the time.

“We wanted to show some love. Both to the residents of the affected area and to the police officers. In addition to cleaning, we also distributed flowers to homeowners who had their plots vandalized,” he added.

Hani also made it clear that the idea of ​​burning the Koran should be illegal, saying: “All religious scriptures should be protected by law. Islam is my identity and the identity of many others, and it hurts you that it does not fall under “incitement to racial hatred”. The police authorities should have made a better decision in advance.”

Madi has denied the allegations against him.

Since the Easter riots, several people have been convicted of both attacks on the police and sabotage of police activities, with many of them immigrants to Sweden.

A report released last month suggested police lacked the necessary skills and manpower to deal with the violence, which saw some officers later express fears they thought they would die during the violence.

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