‘Mad Dog’ surfer dies in Nazaré, Portugal

Brazilian big wave surfer Marcio Freire died while surfing along the central coast of Portugal on Thursday, local officials confirmed.

Before his death, the 47-year-old man was practicing rope surfing on giant waves in Nazaré, the country’s national maritime authority told USA TODAY on Friday morning. “The surfer had an accident while surfing, which left him lifeless.” the city wrote in an email to USA TODAY on Friday.

According to the captain of the port of Nazaré Mário Lopes Figueiredo, support personnel on jet skis were able to get Freire to the beach in Nazaré, but attempts to revive him failed.

Lifeguards confirmed the victim was in cardiac arrest and immediately began CPR until first responders arrived, according to a news release.

When they were unable to revive him, city officials said, a doctor pronounced him dead at the scene.

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