Leading panelist Jan 6 warns Brazilian ‘fascists’ who ape Trump rebels ‘must end up’ in prison

A Democrat who helped lead the House committee’s Jan. 6 investigation into Donald Trump and his attempts to overturn the 2020 election became one of the first US officials to respond to a massive protest in Brasilia, where supporters of the ousted ex- President Jair Bolsonaro attempted to reverse the transfer of power.

It was a chaotic scene that bore inescapable similarities to the attack on the US Congress almost exactly two years earlier, possibly provoking the reaction of Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin.

“The democracies of the world must act quickly to make it clear that there will be no support for right-wing rebels storming the Brazilian Congress. These fascists who model themselves after Trump’s January 6th rioters must end up in the same place: prison,” he tweeted .

The independent has contacted the White House and the US State Department for further comment on the situation.

Raskin and members of the Jan. 6 panel expressed similar concerns about whether Donald Trump and some of his closest advisers would be spared criminal charges stemming from the attack on Congress. Ultimately, his committee referred Trump and several others to the Justice Department for multiple criminal charges, though the agency is set to make its own decision on the matter through the deliberations of a special counsel in the coming weeks and months.

“[W]It creates a precedent for future attacks on democracy itself. And that’s really the committee’s burden, to make sure that we prevent coups, riots, election sabotage and political violence in the future, he said last month in an interview.

The chaotic scenes unfolding in Brazil were met with shock on social media, as initial reports indicated that at least some of the responding police and security forces refused to help keep the protesters under control as they ransacked the presidential palace, Esplanada dos Ministerios, and Supreme Court.

Other police were seen brutally attacked by the rioters as they tried to take control of the situation.

President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva was not believed to be at the presidential palace today and Congress was not in session due to the weekend. Lula was actually inaugurated a week ago, making the exact goal of the protesters unclear.

Jair Bolsonaro ironically remained in Florida while the riot occurred, just a stone’s throw from Mar-a-Lago where his political ally Donald Trump retreated after the January 6 attack.

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