Kylian Mbappe appears to call French FA president Zinedine Zidane ‘disrespectful’

Kylian Mbappe appears to call French FA president Zinedine Zidane ‘disrespectful’

France and Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappe appears to have gone after French FA president Noel Le Graet for “disrespect” towards Zinedine Zidane after the boss was asked about Les Bleus’ legendary former talisman in the wake of Didier Deschamps’ new deal until 2026.

Le Graet and Deschamps announced the French tactician will remain in place until after the next FIFA World Cup on Saturday, with Zidane named as a potential replacement for Deschamps in 2022 Qatar The campaign did not go according to plan. France, under Deschamps, reached the final and lost Argentina on penalties with Mbappe scoring three goals, so the decision to extend the 1998-winning former captain and 2018-winning head coach was somewhat expected.

But when asked what Zidane would do now that Deschamps is staying, Le Graet went on a bizarre and twisting tirade that showed little respect for another champion from 1998 and a beaten finalist from 2006 who has enjoyed managerial success with his former club. Real Madrid.

“I would be surprised if he went there,” said Le Graet of Zidane’s Brazil links at RMC Sport. “But he can do what he wants. It doesn’t worry me. We never met (Le Graet and Zidane) and we (FFF) never considered parting ways with Didier. I couldn’t care less. He can go where he wants – to a big club, a national team. Absolutely not (asked if Zidane tried to reach him by phone) – I wouldn’t even have taken the call.”

Despite Le Graet’s powerful position in the FFF, Mbappe’s 2022 World Cup campaign appeared to take aim at its president, rushing to the defense of one of his icons and an immensely popular national figure by calling out the massive lack of respect shown shown.

“Zidane is France – you can’t respect such a legend like that,” he wrote on Twitter.

Deschamps’ extension means Zidane is unlikely to see the role of France boss available until at least 2024 and the UEFA Euros in Germany which could mean he returns to the club game in the meantime. Per L’Equipe, Le Graet forced the extension through without consulting other FFF members.

An audit of the FFF is due to present its results in mid-February, and Le Graet is entering the last full year of his mandate, which will in any case expire in 2024. Given the many allegations against the FFF, particularly regarding sexual misconduct and potential cover-ups, Le Graet even found that this was short.

Sports Minister Amelie Oudea Castera, who is involved in the audit of the federation, also took “insult” to Le Graet’s “shameful lack of respect” and demanded that the FFF boss “apologise” for going too far with his statements.

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