Kody Brown ‘Estranged’ From Sons With Janelle

  • Kody Brown said he remains “estranged” from two of his sons with Janelle Brown.
  • During COVID, sons Gabriel and Garrison continued to see their girlfriends, angering Kody.
  • Kody apologized to them and said he would “handle things differently” if he could have.

Kody Brown gave TLC’s “Sister Wives: One on One” host Sukanya Krishnan an update on his relationship with two of his sons — and it’s not positive.

Throughout seasons 16 and 17, “Sister Wives” viewers saw Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules put a strain on his relationship with his two youngest sons with his second wife Janelle Brown — Gabriel Brown, now 21, and Garrison Brown, 24.

“Now with the two boys, I’m estranged from them. I can’t even have conversations with them anymore,” Kody said.

Gabriel and Garrison stayed at Janelle’s house for a period during the pandemic. After the lockdown ended, they continued to go outside the home to go to work or school and spend time with their girlfriends. Because of their choices, Janelle’s was the first house Kody stopped visiting during the pandemic, at her request.

Kody Brown.

Kody Brown.


Janelle said the situation put a strain on her marriage.

Kody developed a set of strict health standards for the family during the pandemic, which included disinfecting their mail before bringing it in and changing clothes immediately upon returning home if they went out.

“If one of my little kids was going to die because someone had to wet his pencil, that would make me so angry,” Kody told Krishnan.

He said that if one of his children were to die because another brought home COVID, he would find it difficult to “forgive” the child who was responsible for bringing the virus into the house.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

When Kody finally got COVID from his daughter Aurora Brown, he reached out to Gabriel to discuss symptoms and forgot it was Gabriel’s birthday.

“I shouldn’t have done this, but I did it anyway. I didn’t remind him that it was my birthday because I wanted to see if he remembered, and he didn’t,” Gabriel recalled in a season 17 episode of ” Sister wives.”

Gabriel said his father called back a few hours later to try to make up for his mistake. “That’s the last time I spoke to my father,” he added, through tears.

Kody Brown on

Kody Brown on “Sister Wives.”


At various points in season 17, Kody told Janelle that he either wanted an apology or to discuss the issue with the boys before spending the holidays with them. Janelle said she refused to “kowtow” to Kody’s request, putting further strain on their relationship.

Janelle and Kody revealed they got “separated” while filming the three-part “Sister Wives: One On One” series. They had been “spiritually” married for almost 30 years.

In the last part of the finale special, Kody looked at the camera and apologized directly to his sons.

“Guys, I’m sorry. I was trying to protect my family. Next time I would do it differently and I’m sorry,” he said.

You can stream all episodes of “Sister Wives” now on Discovery Plus.

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