How to watch “M3gan” – When does the new horror movie start streaming?

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  • “M3gan” is the latest horror film from Universal Studios and Blumouse Productions.
  • The film is about a dangerous doll powered by artificial intelligence.
  • “M3gan” is currently only playing in cinemas, but is expected to appear on the Peacock later this year.

Creepy dolls are a staple of the horror genre, and Universal’s “M3gan” aims to take the classic trope into the 21st century. The sci-fi thriller is now playing exclusively in cinemas, but is expected to stream on the Peacock in the coming months.

M3GAN (which stands for Model 3 Generative Android) is a lifelike doll powered by artificial intelligence designed to serve as a child’s best friend. But when the doll’s developer, Gemma (Allison Williams), decides to test the prototype on her own niece, M3GAN becomes overprotective, leading to dangerous consequences.

Check out the trailer for “M3gan”

The film is directed by Gerard Johnstone and comes from a story developed by Akela Cooper James Wan. Wan is best known as the filmmaker behind horror hits such as “Saw”, “The Conjuring” and “Insidious”. “M3gan” is produced by Wan and Jason Blum with Blumhouse Productions (“The Black Phone”).

How to watch “M3gan”

“M3gan” is currently only available to watch in cinemas. The film premiered in the US on January 6.

You can buy tickets to see “M3gan” on the big screen at theater chains like AMC, Regal and Cinemark through sites like Fandango.

When will ‘M3gan’ be available for streaming?

Universal hasn’t announced a streaming release date for “M3gan” yet, but the film is expected to hit the Peacock later this year.

Peacock can add new Universal movies to its streaming lineup as soon as 45 days after they hit theaters. If this 45-day release window holds true for “M3gan,” it could begin streaming on Peacock by February 20. New movies require a Peacock Premium ($5/month) or Premium Plus ($10/month) membership.

Universal also often releases new movies on digital retailers, such as Amazon and Vudu, shortly after their theatrical release. Most recently, “Violent Night” hit video-on-demand platforms just 20 days after it hit the big screen. It is not clear if “M3gan” will follow a similar release strategy.

When available on digital platforms, new Universal films typically cost $25 to buy or $20 to rent during their initial release period.

Is ‘M3gan’ worth watching?

M3gan and Cady (Violet McGraw) enter

M3gan and Cady (Violet McGraw) in “M3gan.”

Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures

“M3gan” has received positive reviews so far. As of January 6, the film has an impressive “95% Fresh” rating based on 110 reviews. Critics say the film is silly but entertaining and should appeal to big fans of horror comedies.

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