In this article, we will learn about the HDCP error Roku and the causes of its occurring. We will learn how we can protect our device from that error and how we can fix by using the easiest technique. First of all, we have to learn about that error and its consequences. Before that discussion, we will take a short and precise view about Roku

American Company Roku:

Roku is a brand of hardware digital media players manufactured by American company Roku, Inc. They offer access to streaming media content from various online services. The first Roku model, developed in collaboration with Netflix, was introduced in May 2008. In that time if you want to purchase an elegant device regarding digital media players and TV. In our expert opinion, you have to concern about American Company Roku.

The most interesting and joyful fact is that you can enjoy Netflix for free this is the most exciting offer, isn’t it?

HDCP Error Roku:

If you are using a Roku device you will definitely familiar about that HDCP error Roku. This error is a warning message on a black screen or as a notification on the purple screen. The question why that warning or message appears and how we can fix it? Don’t worry our answer will satisfy you.

Why Does HDCP Error Roku occur?

First of all, you have the right to know about HDCP. So, HDCP stands for High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This device is commonly used in any modern digital device and TV to prevent the device form error. Now let’s go to those points of learning and get familiar with the causes of error occurrence.

  • The first and most common reason for the occurrence of that HDCP Error Roku is that sometimes you are trying to stream that file which is not supported by HDCP. If the content that you’re trying to stream does not support the protection technology. There are excessive chances of error occurrence.

HDCP Error Roku

  • The second most possible reason of that error occurrence is that might you are using the faulty HDMI cable or connector, therefore, you have to start inspecting of your HDMI cable. Due to faulty cable, HDCP Error Roku occurs.

Fixing of HDCP Error Roku:

In the previous discussion we have learnt about different things like what is Roku, What is HDCP and why it is significant, what is HDCP Error Occur, How it occurs. Now we will learn how we can fix it. One thing we want to clarify before fixing it. Error occurrence is not the fault of the device somehow that was our faulty in such ways that are why error will begin to interrupt you. You have to understand that philosophy every error in that world is curable and the tenure of curing increases your knowledge and make you an expert. Without wasting your more time let’s come to today’s objective.

Step 1:

You will learn the fixing by some small and helpful steps. First of all, remove the HDCP cable from the connector of all devices. Unplug HDCP is the first step of fixing. You need to unplug HDCP from both ends.

Step 2:

Turn off your Roku and unplug the power through both ends and then you will connect HDCP cable with a connector but be sure about that your cable connector should be firm. If it is any problem you should replace the cable with a new one.

Step 3:

Plug back the power cord and be patient until the device fully boot. After that, you will click the previous video which you were willing to stream. Hopefully, this error will not come again top interrupt you.

The unplugging and plugging action give your Roku a kind of a hardware restart. Doing the software restart doesn’t help because the system still remembers the error and is likely to display it again after the Roku boots up.

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