History of Australia

History of Australia have great misery and unexpected disasters. Can you imagine a country which was a prison and after a time that prison itself in the best’s country in the world?  we all know Australia is known as the paradise on the earth. Now many of the people have a dream to go there and established a progressive life.  

History Of Australia:

Basically, When England running from the industrial revolution many of the machines was introduces which replace 100 of labours at a time. Due to the technology and illiteracy unemployment in England become increases on a large scale. Due to unemployment crime cases has increased and round about 35000 workers and innocent people become prisoners in some suspects which were not really proved. In that context some leaders who lead the employment movement in England also become prisoners. When the jails of England become overloaded, they kick out their peoples from their country. Now the prisoners take the route of the United States of America. Unfortunately, prisoners again slapped by the United States of America. After that, all miscarriages prisoners’ travels to south wales. 

Ancient Heroes Of History Of Australia:

 On January 26, 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip guides a fleet of 11 British ships carrying convicts to the colony of New South Wales, effectively founding Australia. Australia, once known as New South Wales, was originally planned as a penal colony.  

Many Australians regard Highland Scot, Lachlan Macquarie, as the father of their nation. Macquarie arrived in New South Wales 200 years ago to govern 10,000 criminals and settlers. In that time the population of Australia is 35000 rounds about approximately all the prisons. Most of the peoples died in the Deserts of Australia. Many of the people suicide and attempt suicide due to the lack of food and other disasters. After that some patriotic revolutionary leaders stand up and gather the prisoners and turns them into the nation.  

Developments Of Australia: 

Despite the absence of a formal writing system. The Aborigines were by no means unsocial, developing more than 250 separate and distinct Aboriginal languages prior to the colonization of Australia. In 1788. Coincidentally the year of the first white birth in Australia. It was estimated more than 500 separate Aboriginal nations spoke more than a hundred separate languages using more than 600 dialects of said languages. 

After some time, people start digging in to find life in Australia. They discovered gold this is the turning point for Australians. When the news of gold spread out due to trade then some British come to Australia and then they start a war and killed all the people who become an obstacle for the British after some time Australia become a colony of British. They stop their learning and use their children for labour. Gradually British snatch the right of the vote from the native Australians. 
masters become slaves of unknowns in Australia. When Australia enters in the United Nation(UN) then United Nation gives order to give the right of the vote to the ancient Australians in 1962.   

Due to the diseases which were come through the migrates. 80 per cent population of the ancient Australians become died. Now a day’s 20 per cent population of the real Australians is alive in that country but in backward areas. 

Australian Development:

Now Australia is the favourite country for tourism, business, livelihood, and other appliances of life they established their lives in every path. Australia is one of the top countries in the world in every manner. You can enjoy Australia whatever you want. Their national Animal Kangaroo is the most unique creature of nature and it is only finding in Australia conveniently.  

Australia beach is one of the most modern and most visited beaches in the world everyone wants to go there one thing. I want to mention it there. When the prisoners came to south wales. The land in Sydney like Sydney jail. Now Sydney is the dream of every person, isn’t it?  

Governance System:

Now one thing we must learn here every success has the history of disasters and damages. The system of their government they elect democracy is the best system of the ruling and governance. When the treasure of the gold is discovered now, they move on and continue to establish a country. After 1962 Australia progress day by day and now Australia is the best city for tourism and business as well.   

Now Australia has the employment and opportunity of business and anything else you can live there with full freedom and with full rights Australia is the Secular state which gives you complete freedom to do anything and to follow every belief which you want.

One more thing which we should mention the cattle’s and agriculture system of Australia. This is remarkable and matchless most of the revenue of Australia comes from agriculture and animals like cows, buffaloes, hens etc.  

The education system of Australia is also matchless many of the students have the dream to study in Sydney universities. Other medical facilities is also very good they use new technology which is totally saved and time-saving.  

When we see the history of that country surely. We upset how they can improve their selves they turned from a man to a human beings. This the journey of civilizations. you will see the different cultures as well because of their miserable history and background.  

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