Harry claims magic mushrooms, cannabis, coke let him see ‘the truth’

Troubled California-based royal Harry, Duke of Sussex, has suggested illegal drug use helped him see the “truth”, according to his memoirs Reserve.

While the Z-list style tell-all memoir, which also details such gruesome events as Harry losing his virginity outdoors to an older woman who treated him like a horse and being thrown into a dog food bowl by brother William during an argument over Meghan Markle’s alleged rudeness, was not to be released until Tuesday, with pre-release publicity strictly controlled through tame legacy media journalists.

That plan has been thwarted by Spanish booksellers who have released the Spanish-language version of the memoir, but the press is now awash with light accounts of various sordid episodes in the vigilante royal’s life – including heavy drug abuse from the age of 17.

“I was a 17-year-old willing to try almost anything that would disrupt the established order. At least that’s what I tried to convince myself,” Harry said of the fact that he started cocaine lines in 2002 – perhaps oblivious to the fact that he still seems keen to disrupt the established order as a multi-millionaire at the end of the thirties.

Although cocaine made him feel “different”, the prince recalls, it didn’t make him particularly happier – but taking magic mushrooms in California while high on tequila had a deeper impact.

Harry recalled seeing a dustbin in the bathroom that seems to stare at him and grow a head, while a toilet also turned into a head and started talking to him – an event he described as “the experience of a lifetime”. He also asked the moon to change his life.

Two years later, he married Meghan Markle, now Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Harry also revealed that he is a long-term cannabis addict and that he believes psychedelics helped him see that there is “another world where the red mist d[oesn’t] exist”.

Red mist appears to be Prince Harry’s way of discussing anger or violence, perhaps a coping mechanism developed through his use of a therapist. In the book, he describes seeing “the red mist” inside his brother Prince William during the incident where the heir physically put him in a bowl of dog food.

The effect of being able to see “another world” is said to have stuck with the prince after the drugs wore off, leaving him with a conviction that his other world is “as real and twice as beautiful” as the real one, which is ” not all that is”.

“Only the truth existed,” Harry opined.

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