God of War Fan has a perfect name for their newborn baby

A very enthusiastic God of War fan decides to show his love for the series by choosing a perfect name for his newborn child.

An eager one god of war fan shared her love for the series by choosing the perfect name for her newborn child. god of war is the long-running action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation brand. god of war has had a long history with the PlayStation brand, dating back to the original release of the god of war on PlayStation 2.

god of war for PlayStation 4 started a new era for god of war series as players follow a more mature Kratos as he deals with the trials of parenting his son while trying to honor his late wife. The Norse saga spans two battles, god of war and God of War Ragnarok. Family and family ties as well as overcoming generational curses are at the heart of the characterization of many characters in this arc, as Sony Santa Monica aims to evolve Kratos from the very angry god that players know him from the first trilogy.


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An ardent fan decided to share his love for the game while choosing a suitable name for his newborn child. In a post uploaded to Reddit, dejacute uploaded a photo of a hand-painted sign that reads Atreus across the top. Some of the image has been censored for privacy, but placeholders for the date, time, weight and length of the child are present in the image, as well as hand-painted pine trees. Atreus is the son of Kratos who plays a major role in the Norse saga, esp God of War Ragnarok.

Several fans shared their excitement for the eager fan in the comments section. One of the comments encouraged the parent to just refer to him as “boy” until he’s a teenager and then start calling him by his actual name, which Kratos does very often to Atreus. Another user referenced annoying Atreus moments by saying that the newborn’s first name will be “whatever”. Some other fans were more critical of the parents, stating that their child should not be forced to be a part of their fandom.

god of war is definitely a series that means a lot to many players, and this is a perfect example of how games continue to leave lifelong impressions on people. That said, it does question whether it’s appropriate for parents to force their fandoms on their children by naming them after their favorite characters.

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