Genshin Impact Fan Notes Interesting detail about Hu Tao in the Lantern Rite Trailer

A Genshin Impact fan notices a cute detail about Hu Tao in the trailer for this year’s Lantern Rite, calling back to her original release.

ONE Genshin effect fan has pointed out a fun detail about Hu Tao’s involvement with the animated trailer for this year’s Lantern Rite, calling back to the character’s debut. Since her introduction to the HoYoverse RPG two years ago during version 1.3, Hu Tao has been a fan-favorite character featured in several Liyue events. Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s director has been highly sought after as one of the game’s most powerful Pyro characters. Now, Hu Tao has made a fun appearance in the Lantern Rite trailer.


Genshin effectThe ongoing Lantern Rite has seen players return to Liyue for the annual festival with a variety of quests and events to enjoy. This year’s Lantern Rite has four mini-games for players to try out, including traversal and combat challenges as well as the unique “Paper Theater” mini-game. Liyue’s cast has also been a focus with fan favorites Xiao, Hu Tao and Yelan receiving re-runs alongside the recently released Yaoyao. Now, with Hu Tao returning as part of the latest Lantern Rite, fans have noticed a sweet detail in the trailer.

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Reddit user OMG536 pointed out the particular detail included as part of Hu Tao’s involvement in the Lantern Rite trailer. Early in the trailer, Hu Tao is shown enjoying the festival with a group consisting of Xiangling, Xingqiu and Chongyun. The Genshin the fan quickly noticed that the group of characters crossing the streets of Liyue with Hu Tao were the same four-star characters that appeared on Hu Tao’s launch banner in version 1.3. The animated trailer features a variety of characters from all four Genshin effect‘s available regions.

While the trailer shows Hu Tao with his original bannermates, the character’s newest re-run will feature a largely different supporting cast. Xingqiu will be the lone returning character from Hu Tao’s original banner, with the Hydro Sword user boasting strong synergy with Hu Tao’s Normal Attack-focused playstyle. Joining Hu Tao and Yelan instead will be a couple of iconic members of Liyue’s cast, Qixing’s leader Ningguang and pirate captain Beidou. Hu Tao’s re-run is set to begin next week on February 7.

Hu Tao’s re-run will give players another chance to pick one of them up Genshin effecther most powerful DPS characters when she returns next week. Hu Tao has been a particularly popular choice for team compositions focused around the Vaporize reaction, providing fast attacks and high damage output. Hu Tao’s re-run will also be the first chance for players to acquire the powerful Polearm user in over a year, with her last re-run coming in November 2021. The second half of version 3.4 is set to feature the return of one of Genshin effectits most powerful and popular characters.

Genshin effect is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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